Work Hard, Honor God

Work Hard, Honor God

Ephesians 6:7


It was the first week of school and Brandon was excited about his new school year. They already had their first test scheduled for Friday. While his friends decided to talk during their free time in class, Brandon decided he would spend his working on practice problems for the test. His friends didn’t understand why he was working so hard, but Brandon had a bigger goal in mind.

Test day came and Brandon made an A on his test. When he got home that day, he looked at the scripture he had memorized over the summer. It was Ephesians 6:7, “Work with enthusiasm, as though you were working for the Lord rather than for people.”

You may not have a job, but right now school is your work. It may not seem important to work hard at it, but it is. God’s word commands us as His children to work hard in order to bring Him glory. It’s a new school year. For some of you, that might mean new friends, new classes, and even better, new opportunities to honor God. Work hard, not just for your teachers, not just for yourself, but for God. This year, honor God and have fun. After all, honoring God is fun.

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Racism is Dead…

Go back to Africa

I’ve heard them say

But I’m not from there

I wouldn’t even know the way.


Go to wherever you came from

Well OK.

I’m from Georgia

It’s just around the way.


But racism is dead

Didn’t you get the memo?

Well, actually, no.

Just how far across the world did that memo go?


Did it travel through white America

Or to the desert sands?

Did it reach the African villages

Or even your native lands?


If racism is dead

Then what’s that status I read,

Send them all back

Just because they’re black.


America for the Americans

But who does that include?

Just because of the dash in African-American

Doesn’t mean you should exclude.


Racism isn’t dead my friend

Unfortunately, it’s very much alive

And the scary part is

It’s not even the racists who hide.

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You Hate Me

You hate me

Because my skin is dark

As if the color of my skin

Determines whether or not I do my part.


You hate me

Because my skin is too light

As if because of that I can’t join the fight


You hate me

Because my hair is too thick

Envious that growing hair like this takes no trick.


You hate me

Because my hair isn’t straight

An all-natural woman you won’t even date.


You hate me

Because I’m different

But don’t you know my difference is what makes me relevant?


You hate me

Because I don’t fit in

I don’t have to be with your crowd in order to win.


You hate me

Only because it’s easy.

You hate me

Only because you don’t know me.


You hate me

Because you’re too afraid to see

That what you hate and critique

Are the things that make me unique.

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It takes just a little

Not a whole lot

Just one drop

To stir in the pot.


Walk by it

Not by sight

Fight that battle

Win the fight.


When all else fails

Faith, hope, and love endure

When there is no other remedy

Faith is the cure.


Just a mustard seed size

Not the whole tree

A small seed is just enough

To set you free.


Just a little bit of faith

A little bit of hope in things unseen

Is all you need

To overcome all the obstacles in between.

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Ode to Aunt Charlotte

I just want to be a person that’s there for someone. My Aunt Charlotte was always there. And what I miss most about her is the fact that she can’t be here. And what I appreciated the most about her was that when she could be, she would be there.

Wherever you were is where she would be. And I miss that. I miss her presence. I miss having someone who wanted to be there for you.Someone who always wanted to help you however they could.

And the biggest lesson I’ve learned from her is how important it is to be present in people’s lives. People can miss a lot of things about you. They can even mistake the things that they miss about you. But no one can mistake your presence.

Though the laughs we had were many.

The meals you prepared were plenty.

Your presence is the one thing that can’t be duplicated.

To pretend as if it could, would be clearly fabricated.


Aunt Charlotte you will truly be missed.

Every second in your presence will not be dismissed.

And even now, I write with a smile on my face.

Knowing no one could take your place.


You taught me the importance you see,

Of how being present in someone’s life can be.

And with tears in my eyes, today I proclaim

The task of doing just the same.


It won’t be as easy as you made it seem,

But I’ll give it a try for the Rice Covenant team.

You’re in good company up above

And here on earth we send you all our love.



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I’ll Be Happy

I just want to see people smile. Is that so wrong? People feeling happy makes me happy. Is that weird?

Society would probably say it is. Why be happy for someone else if you yourself aren’t happy with things right now? Right? Where’s the good in that for you?

And I would say that’s the problem with the world today. Most people are so fixated on themselves that they can’t imagine being joyous over anything but their own successes. It’s actually a pretty sad way to live. And unfortunately, it’s true.

Some people just don’t care about the happiness of others. And they certainly don’t care to see other people happy, especially if they aren’t. My question is, why? First off, what has happened in your life that makes you miserable to see mine going well? Secondly, if your life is going so good, why does it bother you that someone else’s is too?

If you have your happily ever after, why are you worrying about mine?

I dream of  a world where people support one another in doing well. We live in a fallen world so I know this can’t be. But does that mean that I can’t be supportive? No. Does that mean I can’t be happy for them? No.

So, I’m going to be happy for people who find true love. I’m going to continue to be happy for people who get promotions. And I’m going to continue to be happy for people whose family members have been healed, even if mine have passed.And you know what, it sure does beat the heck out of being mad.


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I think I’ve found it easier to pray for someone’s healing on earth than I have for God’s will to be done. Yeah, I’ve certainly found that easier.

What if it’s God’s will that she doesn’t get healed on earth? What if He wants her whole in Heaven with Him now? I should want that. I do want that for everyone. But right now? Right now, I don’t want to pray for that.

Right now, I want her to be healed, but not that way. I want that kind of healing that makes me feel better. I want that kind of healing that’s easier to pray for because it’s what I want. I want God to heal, I just want Him to heal the way I want it done.

I think that’s the thought process that we don’t admit is taking place in our minds. I see how selfish it sounds. And I know that’s how I feel sometimes. I know Heaven is better. It’s the best. But for some reason, it’s harder to pray the God will heal someone the best way, when we know it’s not the easiest for us.

It’s inevitable that the best healing comes through death, when you know the Lord. Yet, it seems to be the hardest thing to pray for when you’re going through the sickness of a loved one. Loss is interesting. We know that when a Christian dies, gain is the only outcome. But that doesn’t make it any easier to see them go.

And the funny thing is that we mourn and grieve for them, and they don’t understand why…


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