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I’ve found it easier to accept your age if you start saying it even before you’re there. I found myself saying I was 28, five months ago. So, now that I am, I am already used to the idea. However, getting older has never been hard for me. I’m like wine, the older the better. Ha ha.

Anyway, I am embracing the year of 28. The year of 28 as a married woman. The year of 28 as a career woman. The year of 28 as a writer. Most importantly, the year of 28 as a Christian.

It is time to step up in my walk with God, and it’s especially necessary. At 28, I shouldn’t have the same relationship with God that I had at 18. My prayer life should be deeper. My Bible studying should be more engaged. In other words, God should have more of me with every year, with every day.

So this year, my desire is to focus more on God and less on me. My career, marriage, writing, whatever it is, will automatically be better with my focus on God’s will in those areas. I’ll be better with my focus on God.

I declare 28 to be great as I focus on God’s fate for my life. Here we go.



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But Why?

It is so easy to ask why? Why, God? Why is this happening? Why can’t I have that? Why can’t I have him? Why?

And it’s easy to get caught up into our “whys” that we miss what’s happening right now. If I’m too busy asking God why He didn’t do something else, I might miss what He’s doing in the current moment. See, when my focus is on what God didn’t do for me, my vision is more blurred than it’s ever been.

Gratitude really is the right attitude to cure such a problem. If I spend my time being thankful for what God did yesterday, and looking forward to the work He’s going to do tomorrow, it’s easier to want to join Him in the work He’s doing today.

I don’t want to spend anymore time with a blurred perspective of what God didn’t do, when all along I missed what He did do. If my focus is solely on God, I don’t see anything that He didn’t do, because all I can see is what He did.

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You Got It Twisted!

Sometimes I really think God is saying, “Chanel you got it twisted girl.” Seriously, I think that a lot of times He is saying you must’ve forgot. I run this. I allow you to assist me. I run this show, you’re the production assistant.

As I reflected on my past year I thought about how much I felt like I didn’t have the strength to keep on. I just didn’t think I could give anything else. And that’s when God reminded me that it’s not about me being strong. I was so caught up in life and mistakes and sin. It’s almost as though a part of me felt that I needed to try to earn God back, but where did I think He had gone? And while I was so caught up on that, I really realized that I was caught up on myself.

When you start focusing on your life and your sin, you start belittling God. You make you and your situations bigger than Him because you focus on them more than you do on Him. And eventually you start thinking you will never be good enough and your sins are too far and wide to forgive. Truth is, we were never good enough, but Christ was and is.

Briefly, this is how God broke it down to me when I got so caught up in focusing on my sins:

You still think this is about you. You think this is about you being strong enough. You think this is about you deserving me. You didn’t deserve me before you sinned you most certainly won’t after the sin. But when you accepted Christ I accepted you into my eternal dwelling place. Now don’t go on sinning but do go on believing that I do forgive you of those sins. Confess and repent. Accept that I’ve forgiven you. It’s incomprehensible how I could forgive wretched and vile behavior but I can and I do. It was incomprehensible that a virgin could give birth to a baby but she did.

One incomprehensible act lead to incomprehensible forgiveness. Enjoy it.


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No Reminders

So much is going on these days. Illnesses are everywhere. And in the midst of it all, I’m beginning to wonder, am I selfish? Am I selfish because I don’t want to think about things that are going on? Seriously, does what I choose to or not to think about make me selfish?

Is it wrong that I would rather think about my boyfriend? Am I heartless when I choose to focus on my problems more than everyone else’s? Does that make me cold? Am I wrong?

The truth is, I feel bad about it. I feel selfish when I think about myself. I feel petty when I focus on my life. And I’m not really sure why. I honestly don’t think it’s a big issue to focus on yourself sometimes. I think it’s OK to not want to think about ALL that’s going on around you ALL the time. But I do think that you shouldn’t ignore it either.

As I question myself, I am hit with one truth that brightens my whole day. Although I’m struggling, I’m thankful that God doesn’t need to be reminded of anything that’s going on.

Have you ever gotten so overwhelmed in your own thinking that God just has to give you something in the middle of it all? All that’s happening, God already knew would, and He knows how it will all play out. So when I’m struggling with my inability to know what to focus on, I’m reminded that for all of it God doesn’t need reminding.

I don’t have to say, “Dear God, maybe you forgot, but Aunt Betty is still sick…” Nope. He already knows. I get to tell Him that, but He doesn’t need to be reminded of it. And that’s pretty comforting.

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Blind Focus

I have terrible eyesight. I’m talking seriously blurred lines without my glasses or contacts. And God is so good and He is so amazing in His ability to use anything as an example for us to share and to grow and to encourage and to motivate and to learn. It’s one of His traits that I think is least acknowledged.

When I pray, I’ve noticed that I’m praying and then at some point I really need to focus on my prayer. In that moment, I take my glasses off. With my glasses off, everything is blurry and I can’t see what’s around me. And when I take my glasses off and I can’t see what’s around me, I’m not able to focus on the things around.

Not to wish blindness upon myself or anything like that, but without my glasses on, all I can see is blurry objects. with my glasses on I can see everything. So when I take my glasses off to pray, I’m not focused on the things around me. I’m not focused on the objects around me because I can’t really see them. Because I can’t focus on them I put more attention into focusing on my prayer.

I read about Jesus and the healing of the blind, saying I’m here to give sight to those of you who are blind and to show those of you who think you aren’t blind just how blind you are.

John 9: 39 Then Jesus told him,“I entered this world to render judgment—to give sight to the blind and to show those who think they see that they are blind.”

For those moments that I pray to God and take my glasses off I can’t see what’s around me. When I take so much attention off of the things around me I put so much attention into focusing on my prayer. and then I see all that I need to see.

I see what God is showing me, I feel what He’s telling me, I understand what I’m praying on. I focus my attention and energies towards that prayer.

I’ve been looking and trying to figure out how to explain the story of the blind. We’ve read it and it’s wonderful and beautiful and so much of me said I want to just jump right into a blog and talk about it. I had no idea how to approach it and it literally took me saying, “OK, I’m going to pray now and I’m going to take my glasses off because I focus better when I’m not focused on everything else.”

Sight is great, and glasses are great, and contacts are a blessing. Trust me, you wouldn’t want me behind a wheel without them. But when it comes to prayer and focus and the attention that I yield to all the things around me when I can see them around me it hinders me. When I take my glasses off and I can’t see to be distracted, all I can do is focus on God. It’s that same thing as when I go into my prayer closet and it’s completely dark. There is nothing to pull my attention from God because I can’t see anything. That’s the beauty in God and the beauty in the story.

It’s that as soon as you take your mind and your eyes off of stuff, that’s when God says let me show you this. Now I ask you, have you really been seeing lately?

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