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Thankful for my Bible

I am so thankful for my Bible. I know people say so much has been removed and this and that. Well, I’m thankful for what is in it. What is in it is enough for me to live by, so I’m thankful that God gave me His Word.

Interestingly enough, people who say there are parts of the Bible removed are the ones who aren’t even living by the parts that are still there. So technically, what good would it do you to have more that you’re not obeying anyway? But, that’s another post for another day. Today is a day of gratitude for God’s Word.

I’m glad that I can read so that I am able to read God’s love letter to me myself. I don’t need anyone else to tell me what God has said to me because I can read it for myself. That’s a blessing.

And the Bible has withstood so much. No matter how many times people have tried to destroy it or keep people from writing, reading, or sharing about it, it still is here. And it is still applicable to everyday life after years and years of interpretations, and after years and years of changes in society.

I am thankful for my Bible. I am a better person because Jesus is my Savior. I can live better because His Word guides me to understand how to do that.


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The Gift of Forgiveness

I’m thankful for forgiveness. It’s an amazing gift. Usually, undeserved, but an ever present reminder of the Love of God. Here’s an idea I had from the story of Joseph:

People with impure motives will always question your pure motives. It seems to me that Joseph’s brothers thought he was going to turn on them once their father died. Their hearts might have changed after the years they were apart, but they still might not have understood the purity of another’s motives. Maybe the idea of forgiveness was still foreign to them.  

Their motives in the past were impure and I think they might have assumed Joseph’s might be as well. This is strictly assumption on my part, because this is not stating in scripture that they didn’t trust Joseph. But it’s quite interesting to me that they had a fear of what might happen to them once their father passed. 

When others have done wrong, it’s hard for them to believe that someone else would be willing to do right by them still. It’s surprising that people can forgive such wrongdoing. But, whether they choose to believe it or not, through Jesus Christ, forgiveness is very possible.  

Today, be that surprise to someone. Shock those who have wronged you by having pure motives and loving them and forgiving them, just as Christ forgave you. In the end, you’ll be better and hopefully so will they. 

Genesis 50:14-21

After burying Jacob, Joseph returned to Egypt with his brothers and all who had accompanied him to his father’s burial. But now that their father was dead, Joseph’s brothers became fearful. “Now Joseph will show his anger and pay us back for all the wrong we did to him,” they said.

So they sent this message to Joseph: “Before your father died, he instructed us to say to you: ‘Please forgive your brothers for the great wrong they did to you—for their sin in treating you so cruelly.’ So we, the servants of the God of your father, beg you to forgive our sin.” When Joseph received the message, he broke down and wept. Then his brothers came and threw themselves down before Joseph. “Look, we are your slaves!” they said.

But Joseph replied, “Don’t be afraid of me. Am I God, that I can punish you? You intended to harm me, but God intended it all for good. He brought me to this position so I could save the lives of many people. No, don’t be afraid. I will continue to take care of you and your children.” So he reassured them by speaking kindly to them.

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As a Nation

In Genesis, God said Abel’s blood cries out to Me from the land (Genesis 4:10) when Cain acted like he didn’t know where Abel was. Think about that. “His blood cries out to Me.” What a powerful statement, right? Blood crying out leads to a question I have in reference to that verse.

My question is, as a nation, do we not think the blood of those who were enslaved and killed, forced off of their land, etc. cries out to God? Is there anything we can do about the past? No, there’s not, but I believe we can learn from it. Are we learning?

If Abel’s blood cried out to God, does innocent blood not continue to cry out to Him? We must take a look around. The innocent lives that are being taken at an alarming rate is saddening.Do we not think their blood cries out? As a nation, what matters most to us these days? As a nation, what should matter most to us? Do we know?

Most importantly, as a Christian, what matters most to you these days? Do you know anymore? Do you care anymore? 

Genesis 4:10 The LORD said, “What have you done? Listen! Your brother’s blood cries out to me from the ground.

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Love People to Jesus

Is love your number one goal? We live in a world today where people believe it’s OK to say whatever you want to because it’s true. It’s a free country, and you certainly have that right to, but how you say it and your motive behind it could be more harmful for you and them than you realize. So, let’s just get to the nitty gritty.

Jesus wasn’t a pushover. We like to use the term, “I have my truth.” Well, Jesus had His because He literally was the truth. And even in the things He said to the Pharisees that may make us blush in embarrassment for them, were said out of love for them. Jesus felt nothing but love for people, and no matter how aggressive His speech had to be to get that point across, He did and said everything out of love.

So, what’s my point? Do we do what we do or say what we say out of love? Or are we more motivated by the opportunity to correct someone? Or maybe the opportunity to just be right? And for some, even the opportunity to just call people out?

Here’s the bottom line.

If love wasn’t your goal, you were wrong. When you said what you said, was it because you loved them? When you did what you did, was it because you loved them? If it wasn’t, you were wrong. And no matter how true it may have been, if you didn’t say it as an expression of love in leading someone to Christ, you were wrong. See, no matter what, if you spoke the truth in selfishness, comparison, and pride, you didn’t speak it in love. And that’s wrong.

If love wasn’t your motive, then you may have made a mess.

 Love is patient and kind. Love is not jealous or boastful or proud or rude. It does not demand its own way. It is not irritable, and it keeps no record of being wronged.  (1 Cor. 13:4,5).

1 Corinthians 14:1 Let love be your highest goal…



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Be A Cheerleader

Be a CheerleaderThere is something pleasant about  a smile. It really makes a difference to have that person who seemed to be staring at you, to smile at you. You just feel better (after feeling a little bad for being annoyed by their staring), but for the most part you feel good.

And is there anything like hearing some good news? Oh, you got the job. He’s out of surgery and doing well. Register 3 is open for the next in line. I love your hair. You get the point. No matter how big or small, hearing something good makes you feel good.

There is a reason these small things make a big difference. Mainly, because the Bible said so in Proverbs 15:30.

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart;
good news makes for good health.

There really is some truth for everyone in the Bible. So as I read this Proverb, I’m reminded that it’s good to be the recipient of those things, but it’s more important to give them.

So be the person that brings joy to someone’s heart by giving a cheerful look. Be the person that makes someone feel better by delivering good news. Be the person that inspires happiness and cheer instead of always being the person who needs it. Because just as much as it matters for you, it matters for others. So do what matters, be a cheerleader.

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Frederick Douglass – Intelligent

Intelligent – having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.

Frederick Douglass is one of the most well-known human rights leaders in the anti-slavery movement and the first African-American citizen to hold a high U.S. government rank. He is also a famed author and orator.

Born into slavery around 1818, Douglass was selected to live in the home of his plantation owners, one of whom they say could have been his father. Eventually Frederick was sent to Hugh Auld’s Baltimore home, which is where he learned to read and write. Auld forbade his wife from teaching Frederick anymore, but he continued to have a zeal for learning.

Later, Douglass became an abolitionist as well as a women’s rights activist. He published three versions of his autobiography during his lifetime. He also produced some abolitionist newspapers: The North StarFrederick Douglass WeeklyFrederick Douglass’ PaperDouglass’ Monthly and New National Era. In 1848, he was the only African American to attend the first women’s rights convention in New York.

When I think of Frederick Douglass I think of intelligence. Is there any surprise why?

One and God make the majority. – Frederick Douglass

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Ode to Black History

Just like Maya

I wish I could write

I wish my words

Would inspire others to join the fight


Like Harriet

I wish I was brave

I’d be so legit

Leading to freedom, today’s modern slaves


I wish I could dream

Like Langston or Martin

I’d come up with great things

To have a part in


And if I was bold

Like Angela Davis

I’d be like Sojourner Truth

I’d be courageous


Or maybe I’d want to be immovable

Like Rosa Parks

I’d want even my sitting

To light a spark


Or what if I could speak

Like Mr. Frederick Douglass

I’d be able to voice the truth

For so many of us


And if like W.E.B. DuBois or Carter G. Woodson

I was smart

I would know where to end

I would know where to start


Yet if I was like Hattie McDaniel

I’d play my part

I’d create and cultivate

I’d perfect my art


If I were a strong leader like Malcolm

With the influence of Martin

Maybe I would soften some hearts

That have been hardened


But even if I’m just Chanel

With limitations

I can still do my part

To motivate this nation


If black history

Means so much to me

I’d put into practice

All that I could be


I’d learn from their examples

And I’d do my best

I would be who that had in mind

When they were on their quests






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