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Be A Cheerleader

Be a CheerleaderThere is something pleasant about  a smile. It really makes a difference to have that person who seemed to be staring at you, to smile at you. You just feel better (after feeling a little bad for being annoyed by their staring), but for the most part you feel good.

And is there anything like hearing some good news? Oh, you got the job. He’s out of surgery and doing well. Register 3 is open for the next in line. I love your hair. You get the point. No matter how big or small, hearing something good makes you feel good.

There is a reason these small things make a big difference. Mainly, because the Bible said so in Proverbs 15:30.

A cheerful look brings joy to the heart;
good news makes for good health.

There really is some truth for everyone in the Bible. So as I read this Proverb, I’m reminded that it’s good to be the recipient of those things, but it’s more important to give them.

So be the person that brings joy to someone’s heart by giving a cheerful look. Be the person that makes someone feel better by delivering good news. Be the person that inspires happiness and cheer instead of always being the person who needs it. Because just as much as it matters for you, it matters for others. So do what matters, be a cheerleader.


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Frederick Douglass – Intelligent

Intelligent – having or showing intelligence, especially of a high level.

Frederick Douglass is one of the most well-known human rights leaders in the anti-slavery movement and the first African-American citizen to hold a high U.S. government rank. He is also a famed author and orator.

Born into slavery around 1818, Douglass was selected to live in the home of his plantation owners, one of whom they say could have been his father. Eventually Frederick was sent to Hugh Auld’s Baltimore home, which is where he learned to read and write. Auld forbade his wife from teaching Frederick anymore, but he continued to have a zeal for learning.

Later, Douglass became an abolitionist as well as a women’s rights activist. He published three versions of his autobiography during his lifetime. He also produced some abolitionist newspapers: The North StarFrederick Douglass WeeklyFrederick Douglass’ PaperDouglass’ Monthly and New National Era. In 1848, he was the only African American to attend the first women’s rights convention in New York.

When I think of Frederick Douglass I think of intelligence. Is there any surprise why?

One and God make the majority. – Frederick Douglass

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Ode to Black History

Just like Maya

I wish I could write

I wish my words

Would inspire others to join the fight


Like Harriet

I wish I was brave

I’d be so legit

Leading to freedom, today’s modern slaves


I wish I could dream

Like Langston or Martin

I’d come up with great things

To have a part in


And if I was bold

Like Angela Davis

I’d be like Sojourner Truth

I’d be courageous


Or maybe I’d want to be immovable

Like Rosa Parks

I’d want even my sitting

To light a spark


Or what if I could speak

Like Mr. Frederick Douglass

I’d be able to voice the truth

For so many of us


And if like W.E.B. DuBois or Carter G. Woodson

I was smart

I would know where to end

I would know where to start


Yet if I was like Hattie McDaniel

I’d play my part

I’d create and cultivate

I’d perfect my art


If I were a strong leader like Malcolm

With the influence of Martin

Maybe I would soften some hearts

That have been hardened


But even if I’m just Chanel

With limitations

I can still do my part

To motivate this nation


If black history

Means so much to me

I’d put into practice

All that I could be


I’d learn from their examples

And I’d do my best

I would be who that had in mind

When they were on their quests






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But whose are we talking about?

Because for some reason I don’t see my story.


I’m not seeing people that look like me

Whose history is this

How can this be?


I ask the child do you know this figure?

We’re out on his birthday

What else should I remember?


What else should you remember, I don’t understand the question

Read your history books

Pay attention.


I read my history books, but all they say

Is Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln

Paved the way.


Are those the only stories they tell?

You’ve got to be kidding me

I know more and I know them well.


There were slaves brought to this land

They built the foundations

Where we now stand.


And activists fighting for the rights

Of women and men

Black, Asian, and white.


Everyone has a history here

In this American melting pot

That we hold dear


Research the stories

Even if they aren’t taught

Find out more about those who have fought


For the right to read and write

For the right to vote

For the rights of us all to sit in the same room and take the same notes


America the melting pot

With a history so vast

Don’t try to escape, rather learn from the past.



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Maya Angelou – Eloquence










Eloquence – fluent or persuasive speaking or writing.

When I think of Maya Angelou, I think of eloquence. To me, eloquence is more than just having a way with words. It’s making your words come alive. It’s moving your reader to the point of feeling what you felt. Eloquent speech is captivating.

Eloquent speech requires well used words placed properly in order to grasp and motivate the reader. Maya Angelou’s poetry was eloquent. Maya Angelou’s books were captivating. Maya Angelou was eloquent.

Today, I am motivated to be eloquent with my words. To have purpose and meaning behind what I say and write. I am motivated to inspire with my speech. I am motivated to choose my words carefully. I am motivated. Eloquence does that.

If you don’t like something, change it. If you can’t change it, change your attitude. – Maya Angelou

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Creative Journal

You’ve been afraid to tell your best friend something for seven days. Write the scene in which the truth comes out.

The truth is… we’re already married.

What? Are you serious?!

Yes. I wanted to tell you before we did it, but I knew you would spill the beans.

So that’s why you said you had to talk to me!????

Well, yes. I didn’t want you to feel completely out of the loop.

Well, I’m not surprised.

I didn’t think you would be…

How long have you been married?

Going on one week…

Your wedding is in a month. You couldn’t wait a little longer?

Honestly, no. Plus, we figured this would keep us from crying so much on the big day.

Well, I suppose. I’m still going to cry, you know… Who else knows?

Our parents and immediate family.

You got them to agree to this?

More or less…

Well, I’ll be one of the first to tell you congratulations then. Welcome to married life!

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Creative Journal

List all the excuses you’ve heard people use this week. Include ones from newspapers, radio, television, and overheard conversations.

I don’t have any time these days. I woke up late. I didn’t know I was supposed to. I slept in. I didn’t use it last. You didn’t tell me to. I thought that you were going to. I was sleepy. I didn’t know you were ready. I needed some “me” time.

Were you waiting on me? I stayed up too late. You didn’t remind me. You didn’t wake me up. The car is too far. I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t plan on it. I didn’t know it was my turn. I’ll get it tomorrow. I’ll call later. I forgot. He didn’t go get it. Simply, I didn’t feel like it. They didn’t answer. I thought I told you…

Excuses are really selfish. They’re usually about what “I” did or didn’t want to do. Or what “you” did or didn’t do. All they do is place your responsibility on someone else.


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