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Sometimes I wonder, is having too much time to think a bad thing? I overthink, so I guess in my case it could be. If I didn’t overthink, I probably wouldn’t think at all though.

There is something powerful in the human brain. A person alone with their thoughts can change the world. As the quote by Sai Baba says, “All action results from thought, so it is thoughts that matter.” That’s very true. Before it was, it was thought up.

But for now, let’s deal with overthinking. Time alone with my thoughts can sometimes turn into time to doubt. I am constantly thinking about how I could do things differently than I did. And after overthinking the entire process of what I’ve done, I begin to doubt it altogether. You know, when you come up with three different ways you could have handled a situation, you pretty much doubt the fact that the situation should have ever taken place.

Overthinking is something I have to be careful with. And what’s interesting is that when I overthink I forget the fact that people don’t always realize that something could have been different. People don’t always care about how you handled it, as long as it was handled.

Even as I overthink this blog, it’s crazy that here at the end of it I’ve realized that I don’t have time to overthink. I don’t have time to doubt. I only have time to do things to the best of my ability and usually that’s the only thought that should matter.


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Men and Women: Timing

I guess I’ll talk about relationships today. Here we go.

Women and men think completely different. That’s not rocket science. From the beginning of time we’ve thought differently. And I think that we forget just how differently.

Take time for an example.

Women are in a much bigger hurry than men usually are to get married and start families. All we’re thinking is we’ve got to get started. We’ve got to date for a certain amount of time. Then we’ve got to be engaged for another amount of time. Then we’ve got to honeymoon a little bit. And soon we’ve got to have kids. Our lives are like boom boom boom.

Men on the other hand seem more carefree. Of the men I’ve spoken to it seems more like they’re in a mind frame of “it will happen.” I’ll get married at some point, I’ll have a family eventually. Everything will be fine.

Now try to match those two ideas together. They’re as close as you can probably get without being complete polar opposites.

In short: Men think, I have plenty of time. Women think, I’m running out of time.

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