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When Job prayed for his friends, the Lord restored his fortunes. In fact, the Lord gave him twice as much as before! – Job 42:10 NLT


Do you know the story of Job? Please read it. In the meantime, a quick synopsis is this, and trust me, I’m not really doing it justice by summarizing it. God allows the devil to ruin Job’s life. Job is faithful to God, but eventually, he cracks and questions what’s happening.

He has a wife that tells him to curse God and die, and friends who pretty much say he must’ve sinned in some way and God is punishing him for it. Suffice it to say, his support system is lacking. But today, I read the verse above and felt something say, slow down when reading it.

So the Lord is angry with Job’s friends because of how they misspoke about Him. He tells them to make a sacrifice to Him and have Job pray for them. Job! The friend that they discouraged as he was facing his trials.

Can you imagine how Job felt? He probably didn’t want to pray for them. They’d accused him of sin and, most importantly, didn’t speak truthfully about God. If he was like me, he probably thought to himself, “All I wanted was for them to pray for me to help me overcome this, and they didn’t. Now I’m supposed to pray for them! I’m supposed to ask God to forgive them?! This will be tough.”

But look what happened after he did. It says the Lord restored his fortunes. He had twice as much as he did before he lost everything! Now, might God have been willing to restore Job’s fortunes either way? I don’t know. Was his restoration contingent upon his prayer for his friends? I really don’t know. I do think it’s interesting that it says that after he prayed for them, his fortunes were restored. I think this is here for many reasons, and I’m sure in due time, God will reveal more of them to me.

Today, I think this verse is here for us to do. I’m not saying God is going to bless you just because you prayed for a friend or enemy today. I certainly believe it won’t be a bad thing if you do. I think this verse is here for us to try and see what happens.

Pray for someone today, not simply to have your breakthrough. Pray for someone to help them see how to restore their relationship with God! You will likely be blessed in the process, but don’t do it for you. Do it to point someone to God and enjoy the results of that!

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Resisting Happiness- Book Review

We’re hitting the books in this episode. This book, “Resisting Happiness,” is currently my favorite read of 2023. Want to find out why?
Take a listen. 😀


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Right or Righteous?

Whoever pursues righteousness and unfailing love will find life, righteousness, and honor. – Proverbs 21:21 NLT

I’ll share this, God has been working on me when it comes to righteousness. I’ll keep this post short because I will discuss the topic in greater detail in a podcast.

He’s challenging me to understand the difference between right and righteousness. When I say right, I’m referring to the desire to always be right. Not the inherent rightness of righteousness.

It’s no coincidence that the verse mentions the pursuit of righteousness and unfailing love together. Perfect love keeps no record of wrongs (1 Corinthians 13:5), so righteousness can’t simply be about being right, it has to be more than that, deeper than that. See, true, godly righteousness pairs with unfailing love.

Jesus is the perfect example, right? Jesus is righteousness. Jesus is also unfailing love and its perfect example. Jesus, of course, was always right, but His pursuit was one of righteousness and unfailing love.

If you’re working to pursue the two, righteousness and unfailing love, you’ll find life, righteousness, and honor. In Jesus is fullness of life, righteousness, and honor. When you work like Jesus worked and pursue what Jesus pursued, you’ll be able to receive what Jesus has to offer.

So, how has God been working with me in understanding the difference between right and righteousness? Well, that’s a podcast chat, and I’ll just say it’s a humbling lesson.

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Book Review Podcast – Five Little Pigs

Do you like mystery novels? Well, tune in to this episode because we’re Hitting the Books with this episode, “Five Little Pigs” by Agatha Christie.

No spoiler alerts, I promise! 🙂


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Colossians 3:4

And when Christ, who is your life, is revealed to the whole world, you will share in all his glory. – Colossians 3:4 NLT

How amazing is this?! When you dedicate your life to Christ, rather, when your life is Christ, you’ll share in His glory. I know that’s hard to process. I’m still processing it as I type.

One day, Jesus will be revealed to the whole world. We all will have had an opportunity to either say yes to Him or no. For those who’ve said yes, when Christ is revealed as Ruler, Savior, as Eternal Life, will be with Him as His followers.

Talk about making sure you’re on the right side of history.

We certainly don’t deserve this opportunity. Christ did all the work, God did all the loving, and we made a choice. Yet, because of God’s love, the choice was available, and those who said yes will share in Christ’s glory. We didn’t say yes to get glory, but saying yes results in Christ’s glory, and that’s what blesses us.

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Killing Comparison Book Review


Hey! We’re Hitting the Books in this episode.

I’m discussing Killing Comparison by Nona Jones in this episode. Tune in for a sneak peek into this read!

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Before You Vote – Book Review

We’re hitting the books in this episode with “Before You Vote” by David Platt. What are seven essential questions Christians should ask before heading out to the polls?

Is referring to someone as God’s candidate a safe statement? What policies are rooted in biblical truths, and which ones are rooted in preferences?



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Daughters Diary Podcast- Hitting the Books


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Unoffendable Book Review

I started off my year with the book “Unoffendable” by Ryan Leak. Everyone with access to my wishlist can thank the Bible app because they’ve had so many guest speakers and authors that have grabbed my attention with their topics and titles. Thus, I received two books by Ryan Leak this holiday season.

The first pro to this book was honestly the Foreword. Ryan had a personal friend write his Foreword because he wanted someone who really knew him and whether or not he did what he recommends in his book. Usually, people have a well-known author or public figure write their Foreword (if they can get them). Nothing against authors who choose the latter, it was just a different type of approach to a Foreword, which to me set the tone for the book because literally from the first page you can see the transparency of Ryan.

Now, on to the book’s content. Most of the book was about things we probably know but just haven’t actually put into practice. The book was a short, practical read more than anything. To be honest, I feel like the format of the book is to serve the purpose of the practicality of it.

There were plenty of stand out quotes, but I think most of the book was about having a few moments of self reflection and being able to pause in agreement with the author.

In short, how do we become less offended by what people say and do, and better yet, less offended by what they don’t say or do that we believe they should? The last part of the question has resonated with me the most.

I’d have to say that one of my favorite takeaways was the phrase “phantom discouragement.” Phantom discouragement happens when you see someone else being complimented for something you consistently do. No one said anything negative to or about you, but they also didn’t acknowledge what you consistently do. Ryan says it better, “Phantom discouragement will put a negative spin and filter on everything positive around us that is not about us.”

After this epiphany (for me), the author uses the biblical example of Saul and David to show how extreme the effects of phantom discouragement can be. In short, Saul, the first King of Israel, became insanely jealous of David, that’s no exaggeration. Saul was praised for killing thousands and David for killing ten thousands, and Saul took that offensively. Saul had many problems, and one was not being able to handle offense:

“Saul lost sight of who he was and set his sights on who he needed to be better than… When praises for David were all he focused on around him, criticism was all he heard inside him.”

However, if we’re honest, we’re all like Saul at some point. When we see someone getting recognition for something we consistently do, it can feel like a slap in the face. As Ryan would say, this is phantom discouragement.

I know a “good” review is supposed to have a con, but these are my reviews so I can do them however I want. So I won’t call them cons but “food for thought,” meaning this is something different that may stand out to certain readers.

Food for thought, the book’s formatting is really spaced out (which really isn’t a bad thing). The book is about 146 pages but reads more like 100 because it’s double-spaced and large print. Again, I think this adds positively to the simplicity and practicality of the book.

It’s not deeply theological or philosophical and I don’t think it was meant to be. The book in and of itself is food for thought. The overarching question being, how do we become less offended? In today’s cancel culture, this question has a much needed answer.

In the end, we should be able to celebrate the accomplishments of others with the knowledge that it doesn’t take anything away from our own. We should address the root of our offense more than the offender, whether intentional or not. Lastly, we should understand that being offended is a part of life, but it’s how we respond to the offense that can make us more Christlike.

“Being unoffendable doesn’t mean you don’t get offended, it means you choose to not stay offended.”


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Moore Books

Alright, so I love to read. I love to encourage reading. Why not?

Quick tangent, I hear people talk about wanting to be smarter or wanting to use their time wisely, but say they don’t like reading or don’t want to. Well why not? There’s a wealth of knowledge available if you’ll just crack open a book. Do you know how many people died for you to have the right and freedom to read?!? OK, I’m done.

Quick reading tips:
1) Find something you like and read about it. It will develop into a desire to read more. I didn’t always love reading UNTIL I read a book that hooked me. “Staying Pure” by Stephanie Perry Moore.
2) Make a realistic goal. Maybe you want to read 10 pages a week. Try it and if you don’t meet the goal, aim for maybe 5 pages. What’s useful is that you may stop in the middle of a paragraph or new idea and decide to keep reading through.
3)Create accountability. Ask someone to read with you to hold you accountable.
4) Take a technology break. For me, sometimes seeing how much time I’m on my phone makes me (guilts me) want to be a little more productive by reading.
5) Try. Saying “I don’t read” isn’t really a good thing. Life requires us to read, so we might as well try to enjoy it.

Why am I harping on this? Because this year I’d like to write and podcast about books. My hope is to monthly provide content on books I’m reading or have read. Sometimes people don’t know where to start, so hopefully a few reviews might light a fire in a few followers here and there. If not, I still get to read, I still get to write, and I still get to create content for my blog and podcasts.

Now, the fun part, do you have any book recommendations?

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