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Adobe Spark (3)



If I had more faith

I could move mountains.

But maybe I should serve

And wipe off the water fountain.


I could change the world

If I had more power

Or maybe I could change it

If  I volunteered for an hour.


Think of what I could do

With a little more money

Or maybe I could offer tissue

To the person whose nose is runny.


Think of the possibilities

If I had a better title

Isn’t the title of servant

The most vital?


Wishing I had a better car

Is that so wrong?

Only when there is no gratitude

In your song.


More and more

We think that’s what it takes

When really it’s more love

That makes the world great.


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You are so unique

Just look at the way you think

Thoughts so unique and divine

You must think, are these all mine?


You are so special

Simply put, you’re exceptional

How did you do that?

Where did you learn that at?


Look how you can create

Is that an inherited trait?

Use those gifts

Don’t let them drift.


You really are one of kind

Do you mind

Taking a minute to celebrate

Your great fate?


What does your future hold?

Will your uniqueness be even more bold

How many people will you inspire

While following your own desires?


I can’t wait to see

All that you grow to be

I encourage that creative drive

That motivates you to strive


Shoot for the stars

They really aren’t far

Wake up to your dreams

Make that your theme

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Vision – the act or power of anticipating that which will or may come to be

Proverbs 29:18 Where there is no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy is he.

I can see just fine (with glasses). The issue is when I can’t envision what’s next. That’s where I fall into a trap. In fact, that’s why I chose the above definition to describe vision. Because true vision has nothing to do with eyesight. Vision2

Where there is no vision, the people perish. Where there are no godly dreams or plans people fall prey. In other words, where there is no anticipation for God’s plan, the people fall to ruin. Where there is no desire for God’s plan, the people fail.

But, he that keeps the law, is happy. He that obeys God is happy. He that focuses on God is happy. He whose plan is God’s plan is happy.

So, we can perish, or we can be happy. It’s our choice. Where there is no anticipation for God at work, there is no hope for any good work.

He that chooses God’s vision, truly has vision.

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.- Helen Keller

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Based on Proverbs 29:18


I want to see just like You

I want to know what’s false and what’s true.

Give me vision that’s 20/20

Give me insight on what could be.


Let me see with Your eyes of Love

Let me be patient and not judge

With everyone I meet

Let our meeting be a treat.


With every hope and dream

Let me see the hope of Your light beams

And where dreams are too small

Show me how to dream big and tall.


And if possible, let me be blinded by Your light

Because I’m unable to contain Your insight

What I see isn’t all true

So wherever You are let me see You.


Where there is no vision, the people perish

So your insight I will cherish

I want to see clear

Into you I want to peer.

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Ode to Black History

Just like Maya

I wish I could write

I wish my words

Would inspire others to join the fight


Like Harriet

I wish I was brave

I’d be so legit

Leading to freedom, today’s modern slaves


I wish I could dream

Like Langston or Martin

I’d come up with great things

To have a part in


And if I was bold

Like Angela Davis

I’d be like Sojourner Truth

I’d be courageous


Or maybe I’d want to be immovable

Like Rosa Parks

I’d want even my sitting

To light a spark


Or what if I could speak

Like Mr. Frederick Douglass

I’d be able to voice the truth

For so many of us


And if like W.E.B. DuBois or Carter G. Woodson

I was smart

I would know where to end

I would know where to start


Yet if I was like Hattie McDaniel

I’d play my part

I’d create and cultivate

I’d perfect my art


If I were a strong leader like Malcolm

With the influence of Martin

Maybe I would soften some hearts

That have been hardened


But even if I’m just Chanel

With limitations

I can still do my part

To motivate this nation


If black history

Means so much to me

I’d put into practice

All that I could be


I’d learn from their examples

And I’d do my best

I would be who that had in mind

When they were on their quests






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Phillis Wheatley – Poetic

Poetic – relating to or used in poetry.

Phillis Wheatley was kidnapped from West Africa and enslaved. She became the first African American and one of the first women to publish a book of poems. After being educated by her owners, in 1767, she published her first poem and her first volumes of poems in 1773, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral.

This publishing made Wheatley the first African American and first U.S. slave to publish a book of poems. In 1776, Wheatley wrote a letter and poem in support of George Washington. He later replied with an invitation to visit him.

After the Wheatleys death, Phillis was forced to support herself as a seamstress and poet. She later married John Peters, whom she had three children with that all died young.  Her financial struggles made it hard for her to receive other publication. Many of her poems that would be used in her second volume of poetry disappeared and have yet to be recovered.


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But whose are we talking about?

Because for some reason I don’t see my story.


I’m not seeing people that look like me

Whose history is this

How can this be?


I ask the child do you know this figure?

We’re out on his birthday

What else should I remember?


What else should you remember, I don’t understand the question

Read your history books

Pay attention.


I read my history books, but all they say

Is Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln

Paved the way.


Are those the only stories they tell?

You’ve got to be kidding me

I know more and I know them well.


There were slaves brought to this land

They built the foundations

Where we now stand.


And activists fighting for the rights

Of women and men

Black, Asian, and white.


Everyone has a history here

In this American melting pot

That we hold dear


Research the stories

Even if they aren’t taught

Find out more about those who have fought


For the right to read and write

For the right to vote

For the rights of us all to sit in the same room and take the same notes


America the melting pot

With a history so vast

Don’t try to escape, rather learn from the past.



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