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I could be wrong. I could be overreacting. But in my opinion (key words), there’s just too much of a lack of diversity in several areas of our lives. Maybe it’s just my being in the South that plays a part in this.

I believe we have all these unique people created in God’s image to be able to engage with one another. I don’t think He made us different to stay away from one another. I think it’s our differences that enable us to creatively cultivate ideas and concepts.

This is a short post, but I was curious to see if anyone else felt that the lack of diversity was an issue? I’m used to being the only black person in a lot of places, but should I have to be?

I could be wrong. I could be right. I just wanted to invite people to think about whether or not this is an issue where they are. It may not be. In fact, I hope it’s not. However, I do believe that if you can easily count the people in a room that look like you, it just may not be diverse enough.



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Creative Journal

Write about how shallow people try to create an aura of authenticity by consuming books, films, and food, and befriend other, actually authentic people.

The art of being shallow has always been to not seem so self-consumed. If I’m so focused on reading, watching, and eating the right things I can’t be shallow. I’m investing in my well being. Exactly, “in MY well being” and only mine.

I’m not shallow. My best friends are the most giving sincere people on the planet. I’m in great company. Yes, but are they? Are you giving and sincere? Are you giving and sincere when it is of no obvious benefit for you?

Read all your self-help books. Paint the picture of a kind authentic person. But real authentic people can see right through that. Those best friends probably see what you’re up to. They are aware that you need them so that you seem authentic.

Shallow people, don’t fool yourselves. Everyone can see right through your water. Our eyes are practically hitting your ocean floor. We can’t dive into your person because there’s not enough water.

We see through you. Now, what are you going to do?


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A God that Can Relate

God always help us to understand that if anyone can relate, that if anyone can get it, if anyone can comprehend it, it’s You. You created an entire world of people to be Your children, and to know that when it’s all said and done, a lot of those people will never choose You is hard.

It’s hard to know what’s best and to see Your children daily not choose it. It’s hard to want the best for Your child and not be able to give it, because they didn’t choose it. You have to sit there, knowing that the choices they are going to make aren’t always right, but You have to watch them make them.

So never let us forget that if anyone can understand what we’re going through when we see people going down a wrong path, that if anyone knows what loss feels like, and what it’s like to want to give something so badly to someone and them not receive it, it’s You.

Let us never forget that You have experienced it all for us. Not because You had to, but because You wanted us to be that much closer to You. Because You believed it was better to serve a God that can relate.

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Racism: Why Hate?

When I see racist people, all I can think is, do you not have anything better to do with your time? Or life? I mean, are you serious? You would use time and energy to hate God’s creations? Get a life.

I can’t be racist. It’s not God’s will and it takes too much effort to hate. It’s pure ignorance to hate people God created.

I’m showing students, “Our Friend, Martin,” which is an awesome movie about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s life and his impact on the country. In the movie, there is historical footage of sit-ins and protests. With every clip, I felt something.

I was angry watching. I was hurt. I was sad. I just don’t understand how people can think that it’s OK to treat people differently just because their skin or language is different. If anything, we should rejoice in the fact that God could create so many unique individuals. We should be honored that God is so creative.

It’s sad that people look for miracles in everything else, but ignore the miracle of personhood. It’s a shame that people could see difference and see an opportunity to hate instead of love. And it’s upsetting that people choose to ignore God’s vast creativity instead of embrace it.

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Have you ever written something and surprised yourself? Is there anything you’ve ever done and you look back on it and truly amaze yourself?

The other day, thanks to Facebook, a blog showed up in my memories. It was this:


Help us all to see the beauty in who You created us to be. Give us confidence in who You have envisioned us to be. 

May we find comfort in being nothing like anyone else. In not thinking like anyone else. In not believing like anyone else. In not looking like anyone else. In not understanding like anyone else. 

May happiness exude from the individuality of my being. May contentedness flow from the independence of my personhood. May blessings come from the acceptance of who God has created me to be. 

It really spoke to me. And I could not believe that I wrote it. In fact, I’m still searching for it’s true author. Seriously (ha,ha).

But, as hard as it is for me to believe it, I wrote it. And the good news is that I understand that while I may have typed it and shared it, God had His hand on it.

What I have realized in looking back on my writing (and what I have hoped for) is that the most profound things have nothing to do with me. And that’s the case in life. Any time something happens that causes us to be amazed, it’s God’s work. And truthfully, if you’ve never experienced it, then you have to ask yourself if you’ve been operating out of the Holy Spirit.


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My Circle

God has given me some of the best accountability partners in the world. I’ve got friends that keep my head on straight and a boyfriend that does his best to (LOL). Actually, God has surrounded me with daily reminders that He hasn’t forgotten me.

My circle is small, but effective. There’s something to be said about people who uplift you. I don’t need gifts. I don’t need praises. I just need people who encourage me. And God has given me that.

I can’t even describe how powerful a simple statement is when you know it’s said and meant with love and appreciation. For example, to be missed. Hearing that I was missed is simple and sweet. Who doesn’t want to be missed, right?

I guess today I just want to give a shout out to my encouraging circle. To my accountability partners who work so hard to keep my on track, to the people who put up with me when I don’t even want to deal with myself, thank you!

I know there is a God because He surrounded me with all you wonderful people. Much love!

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Creative Space

Creative space is an interesting phenomenon. It’s all about who you are as a person. Everyone has their own creative space, but everyone is still able to be creative no matter what that space is like. To you, it’s junk. To me, it’s organized chaos. While you see clutter, I see creative space.

More than anything, I think this attest to how different people can be. Is it not unique that I can be just as creative in noise and a little clutter as the next person can be who needs silence?

The simplicity of that fact is really special to me. I think that we so often get caught up in how different we all are and how that causes a problem, that we often forget how special it is. We forget to appreciate the differences we have. We forget to appreciate how unique those differences are, and we start to miss the beauty of individuality in our personhood.

If I see creative space where you see clutter, that doesn’t make either of us wrong. It makes us different. And one of the best things in the world is that we are all different. God made us that way for a reason.

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