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But whose are we talking about?

Because for some reason I don’t see my story.


I’m not seeing people that look like me

Whose history is this

How can this be?


I ask the child do you know this figure?

We’re out on his birthday

What else should I remember?


What else should you remember, I don’t understand the question

Read your history books

Pay attention.


I read my history books, but all they say

Is Christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln

Paved the way.


Are those the only stories they tell?

You’ve got to be kidding me

I know more and I know them well.


There were slaves brought to this land

They built the foundations

Where we now stand.


And activists fighting for the rights

Of women and men

Black, Asian, and white.


Everyone has a history here

In this American melting pot

That we hold dear


Research the stories

Even if they aren’t taught

Find out more about those who have fought


For the right to read and write

For the right to vote

For the rights of us all to sit in the same room and take the same notes


America the melting pot

With a history so vast

Don’t try to escape, rather learn from the past.




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The Great Protector

Isaiah 52:12

You will not leave in a hurry, running for your lives. For the Lord will go ahead of you;
yes, the God of Israel will protect you from behind.

This verse was about the deliverance for Jerusalem. But, I couldn’t help but to apply it to my own life. And I’m sure that’s not a bad thing.

Do you see what I see in that verse? Isn’t it interesting that it says the Lord will go ahead of you, and follows up with the God of Israel will you protect from behind?

That’s good news. God is ahead of me and protecting me from behind too. He’s in my future, but he’s protecting me from my past as well. He’s in front taking care of obstacles in front of me, but behind me keeping other obstacles away.

I just want you to be as encouraged as I was about the fact that God is everywhere for His children. What will be will be, but it sure helps to know that God is already handling whatever that is. And what was, was, and it’s good to know God has taken care of that too.

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Salvation won’t change your past.

What does salvation do for you? Why should I want it? How will it change anything? I think those are some major questions that people have. And I get having questions. We all have questions.

Being honest, salvation won’t change your past. No one makes changes in life because they want their past to be different, but because they want a better future. That’s a fact that what has happened has happened. So why does that come into play when it comes to salvation? These unwritten rules start to matter when getting saved comes into play, but they didn’t matter before.

This isn’t particularly for anyone but me today. I really just want to read this aloud to myself. This isn’t a post to convince anyone to get saved, although you should. The most dangerous way to live is to live not knowing Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.

Salvation will not change what I used to be like. It won’t change my past. It won’t change the feelings I’ve hurt. It won’t change my hurt feelings. Salvation won’t change what I’ve done, but it will change who I become.

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Creative Journal – Doors

Write a list of your 10 favorite doors. Where do they lead?

  1. Door of Opportunity (Secret Door) – This door is often unvisited.
  2. Door of the Past (Back Door) – This door is revisited too often.
  3. Door of Failure (Closet Door) – It is always a choice to visit this door.
  4. Door of Rest (Bedroom Door) – This door’s necessity is underestimated.
  5. Door of Fruitfulness (Pantry Door) – This door is full of productivity.
  6. Door of Refreshment (Refrigerator Door) – This is an alternative rejuvenation from the bedroom door.
  7. Door of the Future (Front Door) –  This door is one that people fear walking through.
  8. Door of Freedom (Car Door) – This door is the freedom to be whatever and go wherever, but is often not taken advantage of.
  9. Door of Support (Parent’s House Door) – This is the door that holds the most sincere support.
  10. Door of Limitlessness (Attic Door) – The Doors of Future and Opportunity and Limitlessness are one in the same, but too often I am afraid to visit them to know this truth.

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The Good Ol Days

Sketch271143450.pngChosen Light Podcast

I believe there’s a new bondage out here. And I don’t necessarily mean new in a sense that it’s never been seen. But I do mean it in a sense that it’s overlooked and unrecognized as such.

I call it the bondage of the “way it used to be.” Borrowing from Ecclesiastes 7:10, longing for the good old days. People are extremely fearful of change. No matter how good it can be. And no matter how necessary it is. It used to be this way, therefore it should stay this way, right?

I was thinking about the Israelites being freed from Egyptian captivity and later wishing they were back in Egypt. Wishing they had the “delicacies” of the land because manna, food from Heaven, and water from the rocks, just wasn’t getting it done anymore. They used to eat different in Egypt. They used to have what they considered to be “options.”

I was wondering, what would make them long for Egypt? They had prayed for freedom and now had it. But life used to be different. And what used to be was familiar and seemed more secure than what was to come. They didn’t realize it, but they were in bondage to the security of familiarity.

How many of us are in that same bondage? How many of us don’t really want to move because we’ve never been there before? How many of us prayed for the new job or promotion, but don’t really want it because we’re not used to so much responsibility? How many of us just don’t really want to commit because we’re not used to committing?

Success cares nothing about what used to be. Freedom is being free from what was, to experience what can be. Don’t let the bondage of the known keep you from experiencing the freedom of the unknown. Why be a slave when you can be a master in your own right? Stop being comfortable with what used to be and start being comfortable with what can be.

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God Knows my Future


Write yesterday’s horoscope.

Well I don’t believe in horoscopes, but that was my topic in this really cool book that Brandon bought me. Shout out to Brandon.

Since fortune telling and other things are considered forms of witchcraft, I could see how a person would tie horoscopes and so forth to that as well. Apart from that I have my other reasons that I don’t care for horoscopes.

First off, they’re pretty vague. Which, they have to be because there’s one statement that is supposed to be accurate for millions of people. You’d have to be vague in order for that to work out.

Secondly, God wouldn’t speak to me through a horoscope. I know for a fact that if God had to tell me something He would tell me Himself. If I think He would speak to me through a horoscope, then I need to be closer to God because that’s just not true.

Plain and simple, God knows my future. A horoscope serves no purpose when I serve God. Since He knows my future, what else matters? Almighty God knows what happened in my past, what is happening in my present, and what will happen in my future. What’s more important than that?

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Time and Wisdom

Psalm 90:12 (NLT) 

Teach us to realize the brevity of life, so that we may grow in wisdom.

This has become one of my favorite verses. And initially when I read it, I always thought it meant teach me to not take a second of my life for granted and teach me to make wise choices. All very true, but now I see it differently.

I see it as teach me to grow where I am now in life, so that I will be where I need to be in the future. That might mean something different to you depending on where you are in life. It might mean teach me the tools I need to know at an entry-level position, so that one day when I’m the vice president I can reflect on those lessons. It might mean teach me to learn in fifth grade so that I will be ready in sixth grade. Teach me to make the most of this relationship as we date, so that I will be ready for marriage.

Time is precious, and wisdom is priceless. And to fully appreciate them both, we need God to teach us how. Have you taken the time to learn your lesson today?

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