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I’ve always worked to not be that girl in life, especially in relationships. I’ve worked, in fact, perfected making sure men were aware of the necessity they aren’t in my life. I’ve strived to not be the one that loves the most or hardest in a relationship. I’ve just wanted to be me and have him fit in wherever he can find room.

People say in a relationship there’s always one person who loves more than the other at some point. I believe that. But what I now understand is that when you love someone you don’t care about that. Love will allow you to act in a way you never had the strength to, so you could care less about who’s loving most because you’re focused on loving period.

I’m in a relationship and I love him. I don’t care that I loved him more on Friday or whatever. I just care about him and us. And guess what? It’s not the worst thing in the world.

I’ve had to grow. And I’ve had to be patient. And I’ve had to open up. And I’ve had to compromise. And I’ve had to do all these things that just aren’t me, or I’ve had to do things I just haven’t wanted to do (and could still stand to do a little more of). These are things I’ve never had to do in a relationship that have been so hard for me at times, but truthfully, it has been worth it every time.


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The Key

He gave me

Something no one ever had

The key…

Now what do I do?

It’s officially official

When he gives that to you.

I knew we were serious

But the reality of it

Now makes me kind of delirious

Only one guy

That, I can’t say I’ve ever had

Never have I had just one apple of my eye…

Yet here I am

With his key

In my hand…

So now if this thing ends

It won’t be because he didn’t try his best to blend

It will likely be on my end.

See, his line in the sand

Was drawn behind mine on purpose

Because wherever I was, he wanted to be, hand in hand.

So if it doesn’t work

It won’t be because he didn’t try

He just tried with a jerk.

So what I’m going to do

Is stick to this relationship like glue

I will not be like I used to…

This key is not just for some door

Giving me a door would be way to easy

So he took the hard road and gave me much more.

This is his invitation to home

And I’m not just talking about a building of his own.

He has welcomed me into his dome.

The castle of his mind.

The palace of his heart.

These are the places he wants us intertwined.

So with my all, I accept this key.

I even accept all that is new to me.

For it is with this key

That he has just unlocked all of me.

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