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Tell Me Something Good

There is this amazing emphasis on words in the Bible, especially in Proverbs 18. Which pretty much crushes the notion that talk is cheap. In some ways, yes, but words can hurt or heal.

But don’t you ever get tired of hearing all the bad? Do you want to hear something encouraging? These verses in Proverbs note how negative talk effects people and promote the importance of positive words.

It’s not asking you to be unaware or dumb to the fact that bad things are taking place. It’s just saying it’s important to hear something good, some time! For a change of pace, tell me something good!

Proverbs 18:20

Wise words satisfy like a good meal;
    the right words bring satisfaction.




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I welcome you and all that’s in between

A new year

Time to conquer new fears

Time to leave behind

The negativity that comes to mind.


A new day has begun

There is no time to run

Away from my dreams

I’m playing on the winning team

I’m blazing a new trail

And I fail, I fail.


But I won’t rest

Not until I’ve done my best

Not until I’ve given all that I’ve got

Not until I’m in the victor’s spot

Whoever said it can’t done

I’ll prove them wrong just for fun.


And even before the task is complete

I’ll thank God for allowing me to meet

Each day with His grace

That’s how I’m in the winner’s place

With the strength He provides

I can face any tide.


And when it’s all said and done

I’ll praise Him that I’ve won

I’ll give Him glory

For my success story

And when they ask me how could this be

I’ll tell them it’s God in me.


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#HearMeOut the #YOUnique Challenge

Sketch18114505#‎HearMeOut‬ I am choosing to post something positive about someone else everyday! Join me using #HearMeOut the #YOUnique challenge hashtag. If I embarrass you, my apologies in advance, it’s done out of love.

I, like most people want to do something to be a little more positive. And like most people, I have no idea what to do. Currently, I can’t go anywhere, so what the heck can I do from home to really help? Well, I can try to impact people from where I am, where they are.

Let’s face it. No matter what we’re supposed to be doing, we still make time for social media. I don’t have to leave the house to spread positive vibes via social media outlets. It’s clear people want something else to do. Why not start something that everyone can participate in?

I say, let’s hashtag it #HearMeOut the #YOUnique challenge. Feel free to use either one. I like the idea of unique being about “you.” And I like the precursor of saying hear me out, so that the reader knows to take whatever is coming up with a grain of salt.

I don’t think I’ll make money from this. I don’t think it’ll stop war. I don’t think that it will end hatred. But I do know that we’re less likely to be involved in negative behavior if we succumb to more positive behavior. Join me and enjoy!

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Successful Failure

It doesn’t take much faith to stay where you are. It has never and will never take much faith to stay the same.

Most of us claim to want to be better, yet we don’t want to change anything. I know that’s how I am. I want to be this great person, but I’ve yet to change my circumstances. I’ve yet to even try for that matter.

I’m too afraid to fail is the reason. Most people are afraid of failure. But I’ve realized that it is of no merit to be able to say I’ve never failed when I’ve never attempted anything either. Where is the honor in that reality?

God created us to be more, to want more. When we don’t, we’re just being, well failures actually. Truth is, you don’t show that you need God when you remain the same. That’s the real issue with staying where you are. You exercise your “power” and not God’s.

The only person that truly fails is the one who is too afraid to try and succeed.


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I really don’t understand sabotage. It’s terrible first off. I mean why would you purposely try to bring harm or negativity on someone? It makes no sense, right?

But what I really don’t understand is when someone who has reached their goal sabotages those under them. You know, why is the executive sabotaging it’s successor in his old position? Didn’t she get what she wanted? What does it matter what their successor does?

But now, I realize it’s insecurity and pride. There is no reason to want to sabotage someone who is your successor unless you’re insecure about them doing a better job than you. Pride doesn’t want them to outperform their own performance. Or maybe it’s shame. Maybe a person is a shame that they didn’t do their best in their position.

All I know is that when I do my best, I don’t have time to care who’s best follows it. When I put my best foot forward and give it all I’ve got, I should only hope that the next person will do the same. When you’re secure with your best effort, sabotage is not only irrelevant, but ignorant too.

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Former Self

I don’t know, it’s like the Lord has been saying, “Chanel, you ought to get tired of talking about the person you used to be or the person you usually are.” And of course, He’s right.

At work, I’ve been complaining. I have been negative. And all I have been able to say is, “I’m not usually like this, I mean I wrote a book about encouragement.” Yet, even in my relationship I’ve been negative, trying to convince him I’m not normally this way. I’m not negative about the relationship, but I have been negative in talking about things outside of the relationship.

All I can is when is that other person going to show up? If a situation doesn’t change does that mean it’s OK for me to never be better? Absolutely not. What’s the point in only being positive when everything is going my way? How is that strengthening my character?

Who I used to be will no longer be better than who I currently am. I will not continue to talk about how positive I once was because I will be. Who I was will not trump who I am.

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Why Me?

Why me? Isn’t that a million dollar question? Why me? I’ve found myself asking that before. I’ve probably said it more than I want to admit it. In fact, I have said it more than I want to admit it.

Yesterday, as I was praying, something happened. It’s happened before, but I definitely needed a reminder. Why is it so easy to ask “why me,” when it’s not what I want? When it’s something negative, I can’t wait to wonder why it has to be happening to me. When it’s positive do I do the same thing? Not hardly.

I’m so quick to wonder why something is happening when I don’t like it. But, what about asking “why me” when it’s positive? Why so much favor on my life? What have I done to deserve it? Nothing. Why bless me so much God?

My prayer is that from now on my “why” is for all that is good that is happening. No more why am I going through this when I am blessed to get to the point He is taking me to. I won’t keep asking God why things are happening to me when I can ask God why things are happening for me. From now on, “why me” is going to mean “wow, me!”

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