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Malcolm X – Strong

Malcolm X was born Malcolm Little on May 19, 1925. His father was a preacher and although his family moved several times for safety from white supremacists groups, their home was still burned down. Malcolm’s family also believed that they were responsible for his father’s death as he was found lying across streetcar tracks. Both incidents had been ruled accidents.

Malcolm developed into a strong leader after being imprisoned for burglary. It was there that he began reading to pass the time by and became a part of the Lost-Found Nation of Islam. He started going by X instead of Little, because that was the name his ancestors inherited from slave owners. Eventually, Malcolm became one of the most well-known faces for black Muslims.

His involvement in the civil rights eras of 1950 and 1960 was important as he promoted black pride, separate black communities, and violence as a means of self-defense. He believed that his approached would benefit the approach Dr. King took:

“I want Dr. King to know that I didn’t come to Selma to make his job difficult. I really did come thinking I could make it easier. If the white people realize what the alternative is, perhaps they will be more willing to hear Dr. King.”

He also stated that although they had different approaches they both wanted the same thing—freedom.

After the controversy of Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm’s hero, he broke ties with the black Muslims Nation of Islam. Following a trip to Mecca, Malcolm came back with a new ideology that was less hateful and more optimistic about peaceful resolutions for America. “The true brotherhood I had seen had influenced me to recognize that anger can blind human vision,” he said. “America is the first country … that can actually have a bloodless revolution.” Unfortunately, shortly after his return Malcolm X was killed by black Muslims on February 21, 1965 before he was able to deliver a speech in Manhattan.


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Ode to Black History

Just like Maya

I wish I could write

I wish my words

Would inspire others to join the fight


Like Harriet

I wish I was brave

I’d be so legit

Leading to freedom, today’s modern slaves


I wish I could dream

Like Langston or Martin

I’d come up with great things

To have a part in


And if I was bold

Like Angela Davis

I’d be like Sojourner Truth

I’d be courageous


Or maybe I’d want to be immovable

Like Rosa Parks

I’d want even my sitting

To light a spark


Or what if I could speak

Like Mr. Frederick Douglass

I’d be able to voice the truth

For so many of us


And if like W.E.B. DuBois or Carter G. Woodson

I was smart

I would know where to end

I would know where to start


Yet if I was like Hattie McDaniel

I’d play my part

I’d create and cultivate

I’d perfect my art


If I were a strong leader like Malcolm

With the influence of Martin

Maybe I would soften some hearts

That have been hardened


But even if I’m just Chanel

With limitations

I can still do my part

To motivate this nation


If black history

Means so much to me

I’d put into practice

All that I could be


I’d learn from their examples

And I’d do my best

I would be who that had in mind

When they were on their quests






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