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Put a Little Love in Your Heart

Proverbs 17:9 (NLT) Love prospers when a fault is forgiven,

    but dwelling on it separates close friends.

I don’t like arguing with my husband or anyone. I don’t like disagreeing with people. I don’t like being hurt and having to forgive. Who wants any of that, right?

Today, I read Proverbs 17:9 and I thought about my roll in a person’s forgiveness story. Now, I’m not saying people should hurt you just so you forgive them over and over and over. I am saying that every time you forgive a fault against you, you do your part in preserving love.

Every time I forgive my husband or vice versa, our marriage grows a little more love. When forgiveness takes place, love prospers. It’s dwelling on mistakes that strains the relationships.

Is it easy to forgive? Not always. It is right to forgive? Always. If we’re placed on this earth to love and forgiveness makes love prosper when we do, forgiveness is that much more important.

I believe, we’re most like Christ when we serve and when we forgive. Christ didn’t have to do either, but He chose to. He chose to set the example. Surely I can do both because I need to. Really, I believe God is saying, just put a little love in your heart.

If Jesus can forgive crucifixion. Surely, we can survive and find a resolution – India. Arie





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Crucifixion Biography

027441-glossy-black-icon-culture-religion-cross-simpleI really want to approach the story of Christ’s crucifixion from a different perspective. I’ve been in prayer and asking God, that I not approach it as a story I’ve read many times, but as a part of my own biography. It may not be an event that I saw, but it was for me that He was there. It’s not just for the history books, it’s for my present and future.

The day that Christ was crucified is a pinnacle day in my own life story. Although it is a Bible story from many years ago, its purpose was and is for me. His crucifixion and resurrection are the events that make His life as a perfect sacrifice the final piece. Therefore, these events are what make my salvation the final piece.

To separate this story from my own personal biography would be in a sense, to separate salvation from my own narrative. And without salvation, without forgiveness, without God’s love, I am nothing.

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Deity for Me

How could it be

That You would give it up Your deity for me?

Even when sin is all I can see

Still You gave up Your deity for me.


A King on His Throne

Then it was gone.

You chose humility

All for me.


I really don’t understand

But it was Your master plan.

And although to me it doesn’t make sense

Your love is just that intense.


No more life of sin

I win!

Because of what You did

When on the cross, Your love was not hid.


And as undeserving as I may be

I’ve accepted You as my Savior, You see.

After all, what would life be

Without accepting the One who gave up deity for me?


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One Sin = One Lash

What if Jesus took one less lash across his back and I had to live with that one extra lie? Or what if he said no to being flogged, and that was my impure thoughts unpaid for? Jesus had to go through it all so that I could experience all that God has for his children.

Couldn’t he just come and die? Well, yeah, but what would the cost have been for you? Jesus paid my sin debt by going through every bit of the painful process of shame, beatings, and crucifixion. It all was necessary because ALL of my sins needed to be forgiven.

So what if I lived today as if that one lie I don’t tell is one less lash on Christ’s back? What if I lived today like I understand someone died so that I could live eternally? What if just one day at a time I lived not thinking that works could get me into Heaven but thankful that works don’t keep me out?

I guess what I’m saying is, what if for one day, I stopped living for me and actually starting living for God?

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This morning, I was finishing up my morning time, and thinking about how real God is. Lately, I’ve been thinking or having passing thoughts of how I know He exists. You know, if someone were to ask me how do I know He’s real what would I say?

Certainly, He has proven to be real in healing throughout my family, deliverance from many situations, and I’ve seen Him in the ability that others have had to forgive people for some very cruel things. A person who has been abused I truly believe can only forgive their abuser through the grace and strengthening of God.

And I guess the thing that stuck out with me today was, why can I not believe in God? If a person can believe that somehow this world and its creation was formed by chance, isn’t that a bit farfetched? I mean wouldn’t it be easier to believe that there is a God who could put all of this together?

My question is, if you have the right to believe that God doesn’t exist, why is it wrong for me to believe that He does?

If you can believe that this world created itself, and think that makes sense, then why is it completely irrational to believe that God could orchestrate it all?

Romans 1:20 (NLT)

20 For ever since the world was created, people have seen the earth and sky. Through everything God made, they can clearly see his invisible qualities—his eternal power and divine nature. So they have no excuse for not knowing God.

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You Got It Twisted!

Sometimes I really think God is saying, “Chanel you got it twisted girl.” Seriously, I think that a lot of times He is saying you must’ve forgot. I run this. I allow you to assist me. I run this show, you’re the production assistant.

As I reflected on my past year I thought about how much I felt like I didn’t have the strength to keep on. I just didn’t think I could give anything else. And that’s when God reminded me that it’s not about me being strong. I was so caught up in life and mistakes and sin. It’s almost as though a part of me felt that I needed to try to earn God back, but where did I think He had gone? And while I was so caught up on that, I really realized that I was caught up on myself.

When you start focusing on your life and your sin, you start belittling God. You make you and your situations bigger than Him because you focus on them more than you do on Him. And eventually you start thinking you will never be good enough and your sins are too far and wide to forgive. Truth is, we were never good enough, but Christ was and is.

Briefly, this is how God broke it down to me when I got so caught up in focusing on my sins:

You still think this is about you. You think this is about you being strong enough. You think this is about you deserving me. You didn’t deserve me before you sinned you most certainly won’t after the sin. But when you accepted Christ I accepted you into my eternal dwelling place. Now don’t go on sinning but do go on believing that I do forgive you of those sins. Confess and repent. Accept that I’ve forgiven you. It’s incomprehensible how I could forgive wretched and vile behavior but I can and I do. It was incomprehensible that a virgin could give birth to a baby but she did.

One incomprehensible act lead to incomprehensible forgiveness. Enjoy it.


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2015 – Year of Patience

I must say that I believe I witnessed God in His patience more than ever in the year of 2015. I’m recapping my year or my complaints from what it seems. Dare I say my year of complaints. And it is very much to my shame.
And as deserving as I surely was to be dead in those complaints, God gave me His patience. I complained. I moped. I discouraged. I blamed. I questioned. I sinned. Yet He gave. And He continues to. He gives me favor and He gave me favor.

And as grateful as I am for His patience towards me, I really don’t want to test the limits like this ever again. I don’t want to be like I was in 2015. I can’t be like that ever again in my life.

It’s going to take more than me saying I’m not going to be like that. I have to commit to making whatever changes are necessary. I have to fully commit this year, and you know what, it shouldn’t be that hard. Unfortunately, I set the bar so low, that it shouldn’t be hard to raise it this year. So with that being said, I’m getting a heavier bar and raising it higher. Let’s build some muscle.

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