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Study this Book – Proverbs 23


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Hear Me Out: It Bothers Me

This morning I had a very interesting thought. I am speaking from what I observe most of the time, so I’m not saying this happens all the time. I’m not here to preach on sin or sinful lifestyles or sinful choices even though that might seem like where I’m going, so hear me out.
It bothers me that if a Christian speaks out against drug abuse, or sex outside of marriage, or drunkenness, very rarely if ever, have I heard the media or public label that person as someone who hates those people. I’ve yet to hear a Christian described as a person who hates people who do drugs or hates people who have sex outside of marriage, or as someone who hates people who get drunk.
So my question is why is that usually the first thing the media wants to tack onto someone who says homosexuality is wrong? If a Christian says homosexuality is a sin then they seem to almost immediately receive this stigma that they hate people who are homosexuals. Why is that?
As a Christian, homosexuality is a sin along with many others. So why is it that if someone says that, they are intolerable and we should boycott everything they do, but that’s not the case when they speak out against other sins?
I am grateful for the Christians who undergo so much scrutiny for simply sharing God’s truth. There have been many who have been successful in the limelight and have not compromised their beliefs. But I am also saddened by our society.
How is it that a group of people can ban together and decide to boycott someone for speaking God’s Truth, and that person can have so much removed from their lives by this movement? Yet, Christians don’t seem to do the same. How can a show like Lucifer be on TV, while the cast of Duck Dynasty has to explain why they don’t mean to be offensive by praying?
Shouldn’t it bother us that we live in a world that if any one group of people disagree with what you said that could be the end of your career? Shouldn’t we be upset that we seem to live in a society that says it’s OK for me to be intolerable of your beliefs when I don’t want to tolerate them?
This isn’t meant to be a blog about homosexuality or drugs or sex outside of marriage or drunkenness or any of the many sins we all commit or have committed. This is just about something I have noticed in our society that, to me, is a real issue. Trust me, I am a communications major so I know the love I should have for the media, but the issue I am addressing here is caused by the power we have given media as a society.
The power to paint the picture of hate where love is the intent. The power to color in lies where truth is spoken. And the ability to get you to believe whatever they say is true without promoting a desire for you to research it yourself. Let’s all do better, OK?

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It’s Still Sin

The world is in a bad place because of sin. Sin is what we have condoned in a lot of ways. We gave it a slap on the wrist, but we didn’t really change. There are plenty of people caught up in sin. We all sin. And there are a lot of people who are simply OK with it.

People don’t like to call sin what it is. It’s sin. They don’t like to recognize it as wronging God. They don’t like to admit that it’s not right. They just like to not think about it. That’s all.

I’ve been that person. Sometimes I do wrong things and I mope a little bit, and then I lay in bed miserable about it. Somehow, I think that if I lay in bed all day afterwards that maybe I won’t think about it so much. At least I feel bad right? And if I’m sleep, I don’t have time to feel so bad, do I?

But, even as wrong and twisted as that is, there is something even crazier out there. There are people who are OK with certain sins for no other reason than the fact that they commit them. Crazy, huh?

We are facing sad times. People want to pick and choose the parts of the Bible they like to live by. Then everything else is applicable to everyone else, but them. For some reason, they can “get away” with it because they don’t believe that part. That’s not right.

Sin is sin. Homosexuality is a sin. Sex outside of marriage is a sin. Drunkenness is a sin. And there are many more sins. No matter who’s doing it, it’s still wrong. Sin is sin no matter how good a person is and no matter how much you love them.

Don’t condone what’s wrong just because you do it too. And don’t condone wrong just because you love someone. Speak the truth in love and call it like it is. Sin.

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