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I could be wrong. I could be overreacting. But in my opinion (key words), there’s just too much of a lack of diversity in several areas of our lives. Maybe it’s just my being in the South that plays a part in this.

I believe we have all these unique people created in God’s image to be able to engage with one another. I don’t think He made us different to stay away from one another. I think it’s our differences that enable us to creatively cultivate ideas and concepts.

This is a short post, but I was curious to see if anyone else felt that the lack of diversity was an issue? I’m used to being the only black person in a lot of places, but should I have to be?

I could be wrong. I could be right. I just wanted to invite people to think about whether or not this is an issue where they are. It may not be. In fact, I hope it’s not. However, I do believe that if you can easily count the people in a room that look like you, it just may not be diverse enough.



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The best meal I ever ate on a vacation…

I don’t vacation a lot. But I’d have to say, as unexpected as I know this will be, is that Jamaica had good fries. The resort home we stayed at had a bungalow restaurant on the beach. And man, they had some good fries. I know right? Fries. In Jamaica, is that the best I can do? But seriously, they had good fries.

And honestly, when I played AAU basketball, we ordered a pizza in Florida. It looked like the ones you see on TV. And tasted great. Very easily one of the best pizzas I’ve ever had. And you could ask anyone who was there and they would agree. Trust me. Besides, pizza is usually already pretty tasty. This was just extra pretty tasty. Ha ha.

Your cat (or dog) has a Twitter fee. What are its first three tweets?

Meow meow meow, like the cat food commercials. LOL. 

I’m better than a dog. I only meow when necessary. 

Homeward Bound is my favorite movie. 

Obviously, my cat would have a sense of humor.

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Write an e-mail from a 25-year-old man, asking his father for money.


I know I promised that last time would be the last time I asked to borrow money, but I’m in a jam. My books were a little more than I thought, so I need a little help.

If I could borrow about $250 I should be OK. Dad, I promise, I’m not being irresponsible. I just really need help. Think about it, at least this is a good investment. I’ll have a Ph.D with my name because of your help.

One day, I’ll be able to pay you back. You know I will. I only want to make you guys proud. I would never waste your money that you’ve invested in me.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Love you,


P.S. This e-mail is your insurance that I’ve promised to pay you back. 🙂

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Write about the three most important ingredients in your cookbook.

Since I’ve been born and raised in the South my cookbook has the necessities for good ol’ Southern cooking. So stereotypically speaking, the most important ingredients are sugar, butter, and flour.

Everything needs to be a little sweeter. That’s why sugar was invented. Can’t get the kids to eat their peas? Sprinkle a little sugar on them. Your spaghetti missing something? You know what to add.

And who can really enjoy a meal without a little fat. Everyone needs a little butter, right? It just, helps the food, but not your cholesterol.

Lastly, is it really cooked if it’s not fried? I mean really. Is it fried properly if it’s not rolled in flour? I think not.

For the record, I actually have changed my eating habits, but I will admit that it is hard to fight the cravings.

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This is the bedside prayer your character whispers the night her husband finally resurfaced.


Thank You for bringing Eric back. I know he was in another country serving for You, but I really did want him here. Not having the ability to communicate with him was really hard. Especially knowing that his life could’ve been at stake at any time.

I’m very grateful for the heart to serve that You’ve given him. Give me the ability to fully devote myself to Your mission for my life like my husband has. Thank You that he’s here at my side, although I hope to never go through this again, I want Your will for my husband’s ministry.

Thank You Lord, In Jesus’ name, amen.

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Your pet has one request of you.


Hey. I hate to bother you about this, but it must be said. Please stop making up random nicknames for me. I know you think it’s cute, but it’s not.

I am only a pet, not a human. You confuse me with all the names. I never know which one to respond to.

If this doesn’t stop I will continue to ignore you. Sorry for any grievance this may cause. I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but we have to be honest with one another.


Kitty, just plain Kitty

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Over the course of the school year, a sixth-grade teacher intercepted dozen of notes being passed between students. He keeps them in a drawer. On the last day of school, he decides to read some of them. What do they say?


Mr. Moore’s class is boring today. What did you do in Mr. Wilkes’ class today? I was hoping it would be a movie day. Hurry and write me back before I fall asleep.

Did he go over homework? I forgot to do mine.


Did Jason finally ask you to be his girlfriend? He told me he was going to ask you soon. My two best friends dating. I’m so excited. Now we can double date! Yay! Write me back.


My mom said you can spend the night this Friday. Did you talk to your mom, yet? If not, hurry up! We can go to the game together. You should ask your mom if you can leave from school with us. Bye!

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