Keep Kindness Great

Giving is living. Too cliché? Well, that’s the thing about clichés, often times they’re true.

Giving is living. I feel significantly better when I give. I can’t explain it. I think it’s just how God has wired us or me. I believe that He has strategically wired us to feel joy or love when we give.

Why do I love Christmas? It’s the season of giving. I love receiving gifts, please don’t get me wrong. Receiving gifts is one of my love languages. But as I’ve grown a little older and a little wiser, and a little more mature, I’ve realized that receiving pales in comparison to giving. The joy and shock I see on someone’s face when I surprise them with a gift is indescribable.

When I give food or a gift card to a homeless person, I can’t explain the peace I feel. I hate that there’s not maybe more I can do for them, but the fact that I am able to give something does something to my psyche. Giving is interesting, because the more I give, the more I want to keep on giving.

Thank you for the ability to give God. It’s a wonderful reminder of the love and kindness You showed to me. Can we focus not on making all this other stuff great again, but on keeping kindness great?

Proverbs 22:9 Blessed are those who are generous,
    because they feed the poor.


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Homeless Angel


What if the homeless person on the street is an angel in disguise? I ask myself every time I see someone with a sign saying their homeless.

There was one particular man I saw one afternoon that really stood out to me. His sign said, homeless, but God is good. I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t even believe he could stand on a corner and bring himself to write that on a sign in the midst of his circumstances.

It touched me. That day I vowed to treat every homeless person as if they may be an angel. What if the person on the corner is an angel in disguise sent to find generosity on the Earth? We buy gift cards to give away. I’ve even heard people say they won’t buy gift cards to give, because they assume the person will trade it in for drugs.

A few things to point out on that. Drug dealers prefer money. And what if the person you were supposed to give to was the person that was going to be a blessing? I’d rather risk $10 in gift cards to Chick Fil A than to have God say to me in Heaven why didn’t you bless me when I was on the corner?

And you know what, that man had it more right that day than I did. God is good. Whether I have a roof over my head or not. He is good. And it took a homeless man to remind me of that.

Matthew 25:37-40  “Then these righteous ones will reply, ‘Lord, when did we ever see you hungry and feed you? Or thirsty and give you something to drink? Or a stranger and show you hospitality? Or naked and give you clothing?  When did we ever see you sick or in prison and visit you?’

“And the King will say, ‘I tell you the truth, when you did it to one of the least of these my brothers and sisters, you were doing it to me!’

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Poetry for Politics

You fight

With all your might

Back and forth

On and on


Left and right

Fighting in plain sight

 With no shame

You call each other’s wrongs and their names


Then you convince or at least try

To get me to believe you’ll be nearby

Will you really

You have that ability?


Vote for me

That is the chant

The best I’ll be

That is the rant


Promises here

Promises there

Unfulfilled in the end

Here we go again


Maybe one day

The outcome will go my way

A candidate sold to Christ

That’s the necessary vice


So, while I wait

I’ll trust God’s fate

I’ll pray for whoever wins

God’s got it all in the end

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I Miss You

I missed you today. But you were away, on business. I kept hoping you’d come back. I anticipated your return home.

I wanted to be with you. I wanted to laugh with you. I wanted to talk face to face. I wanted to hear your voice and see your smile. I longed for you. I wanted to be with you. I wanted to encourage you. I wanted to support you.

I just wanted to be with you. I just wanted you to be near. I just wanted you.

Being the longest amount of time my husband and I have ever spent away, I missed him. It’s been five days and I’ve missed him so much. But…

God reminded me that that pales in comparison to how much He has missed me. God showed me that He has missed me more than I could imagine. That He has and does miss me when I’m too busy. He’s missed me when I was at work in my mind and not focused on Him. He’s missed me when I promised to show up to just bask in His Presence, and got distracted along the way. He has missed me when all He wanted was me, and yet I came with planned, rehearsed prayers.

God missed me. And although I am the one that misses out when I don’t show up, He misses me.

He misses the times when I was present in His Presence.

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Thank You Veterans

Thank you Veterans. You’re great. I appreciate your service to our country. We get things wrong sometimes, but you serve us none the less. Thank you. You say goodbye to your family more frequently than I could imagine. You have difficult conversations often. You try to manage a marriage near and far. Marriage is work (fun work, but work), so I can’t imagine trying to make marriage great with the added pressure of making a country safe.

A Veteran at church said something very important. He said don’t forget to thank the spouses of Veterans. They go through more than you could ever imagine, they serve just as much we do.

So spouses of Veterans, thank you. I personally have had no desire to date anyone in any service because of the risks. Because I don’t want to miss them and be apart, I didn’t want to date anyone in the service. So thank you. You take the risks. You make the sacrifice. You endure the time away for the sake of a better America.

Thank you for your service Veterans and families of Veterans. It’s your sacrifices that make America the land of the free and the home of the brave.

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Thankful for my Bible

I am so thankful for my Bible. I know people say so much has been removed and this and that. Well, I’m thankful for what is in it. What is in it is enough for me to live by, so I’m thankful that God gave me His Word.

Interestingly enough, people who say there are parts of the Bible removed are the ones who aren’t even living by the parts that are still there. So technically, what good would it do you to have more that you’re not obeying anyway? But, that’s another post for another day. Today is a day of gratitude for God’s Word.

I’m glad that I can read so that I am able to read God’s love letter to me myself. I don’t need anyone else to tell me what God has said to me because I can read it for myself. That’s a blessing.

And the Bible has withstood so much. No matter how many times people have tried to destroy it or keep people from writing, reading, or sharing about it, it still is here. And it is still applicable to everyday life after years and years of interpretations, and after years and years of changes in society.

I am thankful for my Bible. I am a better person because Jesus is my Savior. I can live better because His Word guides me to understand how to do that.

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The Gift of Education

I’m grateful to be able to learn. When I think about people who gave their life for me to be able to read and write it almost brings tears to my eyes. I’m so thankful that education was important. I’m thankful that being denied the right to learn was important enough for so many to risk their lives.

And now, I teach. The very type of person that people years ago didn’t want to have the right to learn, now has the right to teach school. And I have the right to teach to students who don’t look like me or think like me.

I actually have the right to influence a group of people. And my goal is to not take that right for granted. My goal is to appreciate them and this opportunity to do so. My goal is to understand that I have been gifted and trusted with this ability to teach and the opportunity to teach. I will not cause anyone to regret their trust in me.

I will be grateful for the gift of learning. God gave me a brain, others sacrificed their lives, and I intend to always make their sacrifice worthwhile. What are you doing with others’ sacrifices?

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