The Christmas Spirit

I love the Christmas spirit. Apparently it’s OK to talk about it now that Thanksgiving is over with. That’s some unwritten rule somewhere. But why is that so?

I admit. I can understand how it can be overwhelming at times. People start to feel a pressure to get things done in time for Christmas. But tis the season.

Christmas was my grandmother’s favorite time of the year. And it has always been mine. And I always remember telling her how much I love Christmas. I love the energy. I love how happy everyone is. And she said that’s how you are supposed to be all the time.

From then on, it was like a light bulb over my head and in my life. If Christmas music makes me happy, then why not listen to it in April? If thinking about Christmas makes me happy, why not think about it often?

I love the spirit of giving that comes with Christmas, because it reminds me of the greatest gift of all. Jesus Christ. So if thinking about Christmas time reminds me even more of that, then why not celebrate it year round?

I need to give all the time, right? I need Jesus all year, don’t I?


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