Creative Journal – Doors

Write a list of your 10 favorite doors. Where do they lead?

  1. Door of Opportunity (Secret Door) – This door is often unvisited.
  2. Door of the Past (Back Door) – This door is revisited too often.
  3. Door of Failure (Closet Door) – It is always a choice to visit this door.
  4. Door of Rest (Bedroom Door) – This door’s necessity is underestimated.
  5. Door of Fruitfulness (Pantry Door) – This door is full of productivity.
  6. Door of Refreshment (Refrigerator Door) – This is an alternative rejuvenation from the bedroom door.
  7. Door of the Future (Front Door) –  This door is one that people fear walking through.
  8. Door of Freedom (Car Door) – This door is the freedom to be whatever and go wherever, but is often not taken advantage of.
  9. Door of Support (Parent’s House Door) – This is the door that holds the most sincere support.
  10. Door of Limitlessness (Attic Door) – The Doors of Future and Opportunity and Limitlessness are one in the same, but too often I am afraid to visit them to know this truth.

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