Reapply, Overuse

Reapply. When you’re doing a good thing and all else fails, just reapply. Don’t give up.

Applying scripture is a good thing. Although the world might not think so, it is. And when the world is against you, reapply scripture nonetheless. You won’t go wrong.

Overuse is good. It’s interesting. When it comes to spiritual matters, the things that the world views as useless isn’t true when spirituality is concerned.

Overuse of your Bible is good. When your Bible shows some wear and tear, that’s good. It shows that it’s getting used. There should be a bit of shame to have a dusty, new looking Bible that you’ve owned for 15 years. Use it!

In short, reapply the truth of God’s Word. And “overuse” the Bible. We reapply deodorant, glad about that one. We lather, rinse, and repeat with our shampoo. We reapply make up. I’m sure you get the point here. So why don’t we reapply the Word of God?

“A Bible that’s falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t.”— Charles Haddon Spurgeon

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