One Touch

Inspired by Mark 1:41 and Luke 5:12


Just one touch

It won’t be too much.

One finger laid upon me

Oh, the feeling to be free.


Jesus, if you are willing

Let me experience that feeling.

I know that I’m unclean

That’s why on You I must lean.


Please on me, place Your hand

It is all that I demand.

Jesus, if You want to

This for me, is all I ask that You do.


As I fall facedown

I can feel the crowds frown.

I come to You on bended knees

Jesus, you can heal me if you please.


My child, rise up off your knees

For you, I am pleased.

Now, lift up your face

I have cleansed every trace.


Your faith has made you well

Go to others and tell

That you believed in Me

And because you were willing I made you free.


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