“Christians” are some of the most annoying people sometimes. They preach and don’t practice it. The tell, but don’t do. They speak and don’t think.

“Christians” can always point out a speck, and miss the log. They can tell you what’s wrong, and not offer any solution. They can tell you how to fix it, but won’t help in the repair. They can, but they usually won’t.

Christians who don’t do godly things are a problem. There is nothing like a person that proclaims Christianity, but doesn’t live it. It’s so easy to say you’re a Christian, but a whole other task to actually be one.

I am tired of people claiming to have a ministry but not walking in God’s will. I am tired of people claiming Christianity, but blatantly, very openly sinning. It’s annoying to see people pronounce themselves as Christians, calling themselves leaders, and not doing godly things. It’s unfortunate to think of the souls they are leading from Christ because of their poor example.

Emerson said it best, “Who you are speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you’re saying.”

As frustrated as I am, God reminded me that He hates this even more than I do. He’s seen it so many times. He’s been much more hurt by it than I have. And you know who caused it? Me. I was a “Christian” doing ungodly things, and God forgave me. As undeserving as I was and am, He forgave me. He forgives me.

So the message I have for myself is to pray for these people. Somebody, somewhere prayed for me, and I needed it. Who am I not to do the same? We can’t get mad about “Christians,” when we need to spend that energy praying for them. When we think about the things we’ve done to God, can we really cast stones?



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