God is not an Afterthought

I have created honoring God to be something to get around to. I find myself saying I’ll get around to the things that would most honor Him and our relationship. I can’t think of how many times I have the opportunity to read my Bible, but I say, “Oh, I’ll get around to that later.” What if later doesn’t come? Then what will I have missed out on?

I’ve noticed a sad truth in my walk with God. My lack of urgency. I need an urgency to do God’s will whenever, wherever, and however I can. And something bigger in me should be willing to do whatever I have to do for that urgency to flourish more and more.

I want God to be able to consider His will done when He reveals it to me. He should be confident that He is about to be honored in what I do. I want to be so synchronized with God, so immediately obedient to Him, that He can consider whatever He tells me to do as good as done.

He can’t do that right now. And I’m embarrassed by it. I truly am. But my prayer is that I am embarrassed enough to make a change. I need some holy embarrassment that will motivate me to do better. I want to honor God immediately. I need to. I have to.

I want every thought to go through an honoring God cycle. Before anything is executed, it must pass the honoring God test. Honoring God is never something to get around to. Honoring God is immediately necessary.

The truth is that honoring God shouldn’t be an afterthought, it should be the only thought.


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