Spend Time with God

While I was reading my Bible and praying the other day, I had one of the most basic thoughts. I’ve had it before, and it’s almost funny to think of how simple it is. I was thinking about how amazed we really would be if we saw how many scriptures are specific to us everyday. And not just saw it, but if we would realize how easy it is to find these scriptures if we would just spend time in the scriptures everyday.

We would be amazed at the sermons that pertain to us if we would spend time feeding ourselves with the Word everyday. We’d be thrilled about the music in church or Bible study, if we would only get thrilled about how we’ve already discovered what they’re singing about or talking about in our own personal time with God.

It’s not rocket science. God has given us His Word for this very reason. To see ourselves in it and to use it. It doesn’t have to be so surprising that everyday when I read my Bible I get exactly what I need from it. It gets to be amazing that everyday when I read my Bible I get exactly what I need from it!

And how do I get it? By actually reading my Bible. It’s a simple formula. Spending time with God = Getting what you need.



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3 responses to “Spend Time with God

  1. This is why the word of God is a living thing. The precepts are timeless and apply to society and people today just as much as they always have throughout all time!

    Good post…


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