Setting the Bar

Sometimes that bar looks way too high.

It looks like it’s dangling 100 feet above me and like someone is asking me to just jump up and grab it. And I can’t. I’m 5’5 and you’re asking me to hop up into the air and to pull at this bar. I don’t even know that if I tug at it it will come down or that I’ll ever reach it to find out.

Is it pressure when you are supposed to be great? Is it unfair to expect to be better than the best when you come from a line of people who were just that? It’s unrealistic to feel able to rest when so much of me comes from people who worked and spent restless days and nights for the opportunities that I lie in and out of.

It can’t be wrong for me to expect myself to offer more to the world than I do. Especially when so much of who I am boils over with people who set fire to otherwise calming water. When so much of me is about who was before me. When my family is what it is, how can I not be great?

The bar is high. But it’s not too high. The water is hot. But it’s not hot enough. The time is right, right now. I’ve got to do this. I’ve got to continue in the lineage of greatness that has been set before me. Literally, before me.  I have no choice. I don’t know what mediocrity is. I don’t function out of it. My bloodline doesn’t understand that.

Mediocrity and me don’t have the same blood type. That’s some other ancestry, not mine.

It’s now or never. If I don’t prepare in greatness today when will I ever? Yesterday is too late, tomorrow is too far away, but today is the day.

And you know what, I hope that bar gets higher.

I hope that once I step up it’s another 100 feet higher. It has to be. Reaching the first 100 is just reaching mediocrity. The next 100 is the determining factor.

The next 100 is where it all takes place. It’s where new and old meet and create what is needed now. Where the past and present come together to create a better future. It’s where I vow not to settle.

Yes, the next 100 is where few go. The next 100 is where some come and turn back around. But not me, this 100 is on the way… It’s on the way to my next, because this one just won’t be enough. It can’t be.

The first set was a guideline. The second is to put it into practice. But the third. The third is for my trail. Those are my footsteps.

I’m going somewhere no one else has ever been. But when you do get there, you’ll see the guideline that I left behind.


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