Praise GOD

I have a good life. Praise God.


Every now and then, would it hurt us to stop and say that?


Let’s say it.


I have a good life. Praise God.


I am amazed that God chose me for the life I have.


I could have so easily not been me. I could have been born in poverty. I could have been born in another country. I could have been born another race even. But instead of all those things, I was born me, just like I am.


That’s why everyday is a good day for me. I don’t have time for any other type of day.


I was born with everything that I needed. I wake up with everything I need. And I even get to say hello to things I just want.


I’m not staring in the face of poverty, I’m not having an identity crisis, and I’m not in desperate need of anything. I am just blessed, and my praise to God for these blessings is urgent. My thanking God is my praise to Him.


It is just that urgent that I take this time to thank God right here, right now, today.


Thank you God.


Our praise to God is always an urgent matter. Thanking God is always necessary.


I can’t imagine a better way to spend time.


Never ever in life are you ever going to look back at a situation and say that 5 minutes I thanked God really threw me off.


When we are engulfed in praise to God, it’s the one time we get a glimpse of what life is like for Him. It’s the one time we understand how there can be a life without time.


Praise is timeless.


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