God is Almighty

God is almighty.

And even though I know He is, I think I forget that His mightiness never changes.

He doesn’t become less mighty as life goes on. His strength doesn’t waver like ours. He has the whole world in His hands. But the beauty in His mightiness revealed itself differently to me recently.

God is so mighty that He knows what to do with me.


My mess. My junk. My good. My bad.

The totality of me is never overwhelming to Him.

And here’s the really amazing part.

He knows what to do with me as perfectly as it can be done.

He knows exactly what I need, when I need it, and how I need it. And He gives it as perfectly as any of it can be received. God is incapable of imperfection.

He uses everything in my life to make me better. Nothing is irrelevant to Him about me. Not even the things that I find to be irrelevant. I can throw away a pair of socks, and to God that actually matters. He cares about the biggest and smallest things in my life.

God who made the stars, sky, grass, etc. can care about whether a pair of socks will affect my day.

That’s why He is mighty. Because even though He doesn’t have to care about my day to day, He never stops. And He never wants to.

God, creator of the universe, never wants to stop caring about me.

Perfect love must be the only way that could be.


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