God Recycles

God is truly the ultimate recycler. He really does take us and our mess and mold us into something great. Think about it.   He takes drug addicts who overcome their addictions and uses them to help others overcome what they are addicted to. Very often people see someone from their past and comment on the remarkable change that person has made.  And God takes some of the worst situations and molds them into our greatest growing points.

Think of people who battle illnesses and come out even stronger than before because they have witnessed what their bodies are capable of enduring. People go through divorces, deaths, or deal with being overlooked for their hard work to in fact come out wiser, more independent, and work harder. They come out recycled.

God actually makes an effort toward making us better. He doesn’t just drop us in a bin and say something good, something reusable can come from this. He takes us and orchestrates everything necessary to make us exactly like He needs us to be to use us for a greater good. And it is all done without us even being aware of it at the time.

That job that you wanted that God said no to. God recycled that moment. He showed you why you didn’t get it and why you weren’t ready. That relationship you were forcing, He took and showed you what you needed to work on before you could be someone’s mate. And that trial you went through, that never-ending saga, whatever it was, was only just the beginning of your greatest victory in battle.

God saved you. God saves you. And He uses you for His benefit, which is always for your benefit. Don’t ever forget that. Don’t ever worry about being too broken. Rather, reduce your worrying, and always focus on God fixing you. Reuse your trials as motivation. And let God recycle you altogether. God always wants us to know everything is a stepping stone. We just choose to make them pebbles or boulders.





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