The Box (Old Poem)

I’ve been covered up for so long

So afraid of all that was wrong

In the darkness of the box, happiness surrounds me

When light peaks through, the things on me, I hate to see

So in my box I choose to stay

I’ll come out on a better day.



Don’t open the box, you’re not ready

When you get what get try to remain steady

You’ve pulled me out of my comfort zone

So when I come out you better not be gone.



I’ve finally found the courage to be myself today

You’ve convinced me to come and put the box away

But if I come out and you don’t like what you see

I’m going back to my box and throwing away the key

Because the darkness around has become my friend

With the darkness and silence I don’t have to pretend.



You’ve opened the box, you think you’re ready

So here we go, come get it

This is me, its all I am

So you better take it like a man.


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Filed under Encouragement, Relationships

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