Human Nature

Us, as human individuals…. What can I say? When I say “we” I am generally speaking from my own momentary experience.

We can have everything we need and still focus on what we don’t have. I have a great life, nice solid foundation, and a decent head on my shoulders, but I still think about what I don’t have as well. Why should what I don’t have matter if I have everything that I need?

It’s tough being human. It’s hard knowing that you are flawed. And it’s even harder knowing that the mistakes you’ve made can’t be taken back.

But where would we be without them?

Who could we relate to?

How would we grow?

I guess… we wouldn’t.



Filed under Encouragement

2 responses to “Human Nature

  1. Mikaela Gordan

    People want what they can’t have, but not having them gives us motivation to keep striving in hopes of gaining more. It gives us direction, I guess.

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