Simply Complex

I’ve realized that though this world has a well of problems, things have actually been put in place for us. I mean, although it shouldn’t be a hard choice, we don’t have to feel torn between things like whether to pray at a certain moment or catch your favorite show. DVR has been invented, online shows, and music can be bought instead of waiting to catch a song.


It is sad that we actually sit and say, hmm… I should pray, I should read, or I should workout, but the game is coming on. Or, my favorite show is about to come on and I would just hate to get caught up in a book and have to stop reading to watch TV. Sad, sad times.


But, there should be no excuses! DVR has been made. You can record any movie or show you choose without affecting your schedule. Music can be purchased so you don’t have to sit around all day trying to hear that one particular song on the radio.


I think here, plain as day, we have the definition of a gift and a curse.


Technology is so useful, but it makes us so lazy.


Think about all the things we opt out of because we would rather do something so technical. We won’t read or workout because we rather watch TV. We won’t apply in person because we only like applying online. And we won’t research news facts on our own because we would rather take in bias media reports.


And I can easily think of the times when I went to another gas station simply because the card slider wasn’t working outside, but just didn’t want to go inside. Talk about your deal breakers.


As much as I love all that technology offers, it is still no substitute for actual effort. I love my Nook, but there is still nothing quite like holding a book and turning the pages myself. I guess what I’m asking is how do we find balance in it all? How do we not overuse technology so that we do not abuse ourselves?


Once I had an assignment to go a day without computers, phones, TV, etc. and it ended up being one of the best things I had done.




Because I was basically able to live drama-free from technology for 24 hours. I didn’t have to get frustrated with a computer booting slowly or commercials being too long. In “Operation Disconnect” I was allowed to reconnect with myself. And it felt good.


I guess when it all boils down, I enjoy the complexity of life. But I appreciate the rarity of simplicity when it comes around. Or… maybe I’m just simply complex, and I think that’s fine too.

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