The Huxtables

A great TV family, The Huxtables. Because it’s real. I know a lot of people would argue that. I’m not saying I know a doctor and lawyer who are married, black or white, but it’s still real. It’s real, because it makes our thoughts real.

We gaze on in disbelief. And it makes us see who we really think we are. I’ve talked to plenty of people, African American mainly, who say that the Huxtables are too unrealistic for them.

I ask why, even though I know the answer.

“A black doctor and black lawyer together, yeah right.”


Why is that unreal? Why can’t we have that? Why can’t you as a black person aspire for just as much?

What makes the Huxtables realistic to me is that I live the life of a Huxtable.

A lot of us actually do…

Do you really think this didn’t seem farfetched for our ancestors at a time? A day when we would have our own houses and paying jobs?

There was a time when the lives that we live were unreal.

Do we honestly think there was always the freedom for black families to live under one roof, with married working parents, having dinners together as a family?

Do we not think that there was a time when that seemed “Huxtable-esque?”


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