I’ve lived a life being called a leader. People believed that I had some kind of leadership quality. And though I didn’t see it, they did. So, I did things that put me in leadership roles, class officer, basketball team, etc. But the thing about leading is that most of our leaders can’t lead, they want to but they don’t know how. And of course those that can don’t.


I was being thrown into a leadership role without a clue of what it meant. And I didn’t really want to be there either.




Leading is really hard work. For every five people you can actually pacify, there are at least 20 that hate your decision. All the people who don’t know the difficulties of leadership are steady pointing fingers about how wrong your judgment is as they fade into the background in their own lives.


But somehow I began to understand I was being called a leader because real leaders don’t please the people. Real leaders know that it’s impossible to ever have everyone on your side, and sometimes anyone. Real leaders aren’t the loudest and the first to be heard. They’re the ones that give you an unexpected nudge in the right direction.


Real leaders please GOD.


I watched a show, Greek, and they said something that has resonated with me to this day, “Great politicians are meant to inspire, not just be better than the alternative.”


That’s what being a leader is supposed to be about. It’s supposed to be about inspiring people, not pleasing everyone. It’s supposed to be about going against the grain because it will matter at some point. It’s about what you can see that they can’t.


What a real leader sees isn’t with just his eyes. It’s with his mind and soul. Most importantly it’s with his spirit. His spirit shows him what others’ can’t. No, it’s not just any spirit that can do this. It has to be GOD’s.


What have I learned in my own leading?


The only leading I need to do is following GOD.




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