The Power of One

Life is funny. Its funny how we complain no one stands up for anything yet we are the same ones that don’t really wanna rock the boat either.

We say one person can make a difference without actually believing it. Without really wanting to be that one, we say it as easily as we take a breath. There was only one Rosa Parks, one Martin Luther King Jr. And it still only takes one acorn for an oak to grow.

Yet, we still doubt. We doubt the inevitable and proven power of one. It takes one person, one idea, and one urge to do whatever needs to be done.

But, it takes one doubt sometimes to cancel everything. One one one. The problem is the strength of the desire of the one. Strength to endure, to push through, to go for it all, real strength comes from something greater than this world. True strength is God-given.

Honestly, I can’t help but believe the great Frederick Douglass said it best.

“One and GOD make a majority.”



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